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2020.10.27 01:57 Lovetheangelshadow Splinterbark: Chaos of the Coyote Crew CH 1

Chapter 1: Halloween Hijinks

The Silver Guardian landed on top of the nearest roof to catch a small breather after the long hours of flight. It was surprisingly warm for a Halloween night though he counted the rest of the city would provide plenty of chills. He stretched his tired wings and checked the satchel at his hip. There were still quite a few candy bars left in there and the time was soon approaching when all children would be in bed or chomping on their hard earned candy. For the last four years his father, the Golden Guardian, used to fly around the city just at the right height so kids might spot him and if they called out to them-he came down and gave them a full sized candy bar for their reward. Silver reasoned that this would be perfect to get some positive attention. It was not like anyone at the house would even notice he was gone. His mother would be by the door passing out candy while Marco would dress as a big scary monster for the older kids. He had no idea what his father was doing now that he was not the Golden Guardian. That, and Reed just had to get out of the house.
Silver stood up and craned his neck. What was he going to do with all this candy? He had practically bought up everything he could at the convenience store near school just to keep it secret from his family. Luckily the manager seemed to be both amused and understanding of the situation. Now what he was going to do with practically a paycheck’s worth of Snickers, Musketeers, and Kit Kats? He didn’t even really like chocolate himself. He glanced out onto the residential street watching the kids go by. There were many dressed as the latest princess or superhero from that one animation company while others were generic dollar store monsters and heroes. There were several Golden Guardians scurrying around as well. Silver grumbled and rolled his eyes as a group of them walked right up to the door of the house he himself was sitting on, take their candy, and turn to leave. Silver wanted to shout out for their attention. He could damn the rules. A flash of his father’s disapproval formed in his mind and he didn’t know if he could take another “That silver winged thief ruining everything” dinner lecture.
He stretched and something almost fall out of the inner pocket of his coat. He nearly caused a gouge in the roof as he frantically snatched Splinterbark’s googles mid-air before they skidded off the roof. He signed with relief as he brought them up to eye level. Silver was not even sure why he kept them on his person. He tried to make them work-but failed to do so. When he had asked Splinterbark once just how it all worked, she just shrugged and said she just concentrated and thought about it. There was no point in him even hanging on to these. Twice he tried to give them back to her and they kept circling backing to his possession. Finally he just gave it up. Angrily thrusting them hard back into his coat he muttered repeatedly the same mantra he had been repeating to himself for weeks: the Golden Guardian did not need a partner and neither did he.
Silver’s phone beeped 8:30 pm. He figured he might as well pull up stakes and head home. If he was fast enough he could just make it home and offer to hand out the rest of the candy. At least it would be some way of ridding himself of these snacks. He had just unfolded his wings when he heard someone whistle and yell out “Mister Silver Guardian!” Silver glanced over the back of his right shoulder and saw a girl next door waving her pumpkin bucket like a train lantern. He fluttered down to where she and her mother stood to hand out her reward. She was dressed up in a white jacket with white pants with cardboard wings wrapped in aluminum foil and taped to her back. When he approached her she blurted out, “Wow, you’re really really big!” The mother clamped her hand over her own mouth in embarrassment while Silver unconsciously rubbed his forehead. He had to admit even after more than a month he was still not entirely used to very notable different in height between himself and Reed. He almost always managed to forget to stoop to get inside buildings. He bent down and passed out the candy to her. The Silver Guardian cosplayer then tugged on one of the belt loops of his coat and sheepishly asked if she could take a picture.
The sparrow angel bit his tongue to hold back his overenthusiasm. This was the very first time someone actually wanted to take a fan picture.
“S-so how do you w-want to take it? Some k-kind of cool pose or pointing our guns at the sky or…” he managed to stammer out.
“Sweetie, I’m sure the Silver Guardian is busy. Let’s go. You have school tomorrow.” The girl whined and begged for just one picture. The mother seemed indifferent to the whole thing and Silver thought she muttered something about it being bad enough her daughter insisted on dressing like him. The girl whined and pleaded which was starting to grab attention from others walking down the street.
“Madam, it is no trouble. I can take one quick photo if you want.” The mother rolled her eyes and he supposed she decided it was better to capitulate to her daughter and the fact half the neighborhood was staring at her. Silver knelt down to one knee and the girl stood on his thigh and used his shoulder to keep her stable. They both raised their pistols to the sky and the mother just tapped the shutter button on her phone a few times before shoving it right back in her purse and grabbing her daughter’s hand insisting that they were going home and she need to go to bed.
Silver Guardian watched them walk off to the next block over and scratched the back of his head in slight defeat. He hoped he didn’t get her in too much trouble. Then he felt a hard tug on his wing-hard enough he was certain someone his just plucked a few feathers in the process. A group of older kids shoved their open palms in his face-or about as high his abdomen. A pair of them demanded in the most entitled grunt, “Gimmie candy, Guardian!” Silver wanted to punt the pudgy brat but that might send him right into the pickup truck across the street and his reputation was subterranean at best.
“Hey, you deaf or something? I want the candy! I want it!” The Silver Guardian inhaled roughly through gritted teeth and was about to reach into the bag when he heard a pair of screams behind him. At first he ignored them. It was Halloween after all and he had seen a haunted house over by the next block. But then it happened again in quick succession with cries for help mixed in with the wails followed by an odd gurgling noise. Silver figured he should be safe than sorry so he tossed out a handful of candy and let the piglets fight over themselves while he ran down the road.
He was thankful with his instinct. Sure enough there was a house decked completely out with coffins, spooks, and fake bloodstains. Only now the hosts dressed as monsters were running past him from something far more horrific. Standing on the roof was a thing that certainly not part of the décor. It roughly the size of a large steer though its bovine head was much wider than your average bull. It had six large crab-like legs that were exceptionally thick, bulky, and covered in bulbous spines. The beast had no eyes-just a wide open mouth with a long slimy cow tongue that was dragging along the tiles it was clinging to. Saliva was drippling from the corners of its mouth creating a steady sticky dripping into the ground. The mother-daughter pair he had just seen were caught up against one of the false tombstones and immobilized by the beast’s saliva. The beast was now scuttling down the side of the building to inch its tongue steadily closer to them.
The creature’s tongue had just graced them when Silver grasped both hands around the thing and jerked it to the side. He was trying to avoid smashing it into the house but he could not avoid the prop house facades. The silver angel heaved the thing by its horns and chucked it squarely onto the road-narrowly missing a passing car. Silver groaned as the occupants had gotten out of the car to yell at him. Luckily for him, the bovine licker had rolled its rotund body back onto its belly and slapped its lower jaw onto the hood of their car and letting its mouth organ taste the roof. They were smart enough to run. As everyone else had managed to flee, the only target bovine licker had was the Silver Guardian and it seemed satisfied with that as Silver saw the corners of its mouth turn up and the tongue gracing its lips in sloppy fashion.
The licker snapped its mouth wide open with a loud sharp crack followed by an unpleasant slap of flesh onto the ground. The Silver Guardian could hear an unsettling hum of clicks and gurgles come from within the maw before three other tongues lashed out of the depths and stuck the Guardian with a powerful thrusting force. The guardian shrieked out as he felt one of them strike him hard in the shoulder and a searing pain grasped his flesh. His body tumbled in the air before landing against the face of the haunted house in a loud sickening thud.
“Get up Mister Guardian! It’s about to hit you again!” the girl shouted. The pair had managed to move somewhat but not by much. As if this annoyed the monster, the beast raised one of its tounges and the appendage began to crackle with energy. It flayed out at the girl only for Silver to shove his body between them and receive the full force of the strike sending surges of excruciating energy through his limbs. He fell down to one knee while grasping his injured shoulder and trying to stop his body from spontaneously quivering and spasming. He was feeling noticeably weaker but not enough to revert to Reed Altamiri. Maybe those weeks under probation had been a good thing after all. He did not have much time to recover as two tongues snatched him by an arm and leg and dragged him across the dirt before tossing him into the telephone pole making the wood crack sharply in the middle. Before Silver could even hit the ground the beast had grabbed the upper and lower halves of the pole and cross-pinned the guardian between them. With two tongues wrapped firmly on both ends, it dragged Silver by his face across the concrete towards its mouth. The silver sparrow had half expected for the thing to try and eat him but instead it pressed a foreleg on top of the log to keep him pinned down. A tongue hovered over his head and began to sway in a rhythmic hypnotic fashion.
He tried to look away but he couldn’t as he felt drawn into following the shining tip. Then he sensed something odd-he felt a flurry of emotions out of nowhere. He felt angry, angrier than he ever recalled feeling before. He felt so mad he wanted to smash everything-his father, his brother, everyone. Silver was not even aware of the red haze that was surrounding his body and being vacuumed up in greedy delight by the beast. Reed! Reed, snap out of it! His Guardian’s voice ran loud in his head. It was just barely enough to bring him out, but not by much. He was feeling frailer than before and he could feel that all too familiar twitch down his spine telling him he was about to transform back very soon. He tried flexing his chest muscles to open up the clothespin trap. He could feel the wood giving slightly but it wasn’t enough. The beast could tell just what he was trying to and it plunged newly gained weight down hard breaking Silver’s focus and almost his back at the same time.
Then he heard it. It was a small crack at first-and then a rush of similar pops began to surround him. The wood exploded and the beast reeled back in surprise and releasing its prey. The creature twisted its neck around even while still stuck on its back and thrashed out to grab its meal again. Silver effortlessly grabbed two of them with his hands and tied them into a hard knot. While it screamed he grabbed the other two and smashed them together to make one solid ball. The monster was not entirely done. It took advantage of its appendages knotted into a ball to smash Silver upside the head to make him let go. Angered it slapped its tongues back into its mouth and charged full force at the angel. The Silver Guardian hardly moved and just as it was a foot away he struck it with one rage filled punch. The beast bubbled and then exploded in a mass of black goo that splattered all over the road. Silver suddenly felt numb seeing what he had just done. He didn’t feel good about it even as he saw the goo sizzle away much like that slug monster.
There was not much time to dwell on that though. He had almost forgotten about the mother and child pairing behind him. He held out a hand to assist in pulling them out from the goo when the mother slapped his hand away and shrieked for him to get back. Even the child had started to scoot back from him.
A crowd had started to surround him-some with phones and a clamoring of voices both congratulating him and admonishing him. He hadn’t paid that much attention about it though because something else caught his eye. He thought he saw Shelly from across the street with a hand in her pocket. Silver tried to move towards her but several parents got in his way shoving either their kids or phones in his face. He had to flap his wings hard to get airborne and out of there. Any other time he would have loved this. He deserved this-but he was not in the mood for it right now. Even in the air he could not see her anymore. Then again, why would she stick around?
He landed several houses down. He was feeling sick but it was a different kind of sick from before. It was not that ever lovely feeling that every atom of his being was going to collapse at any second. It was as if something had been forcefully pulled from his core and now he felt a gaping hole the size of Altamiri Towers. Just what had that monster done to him?
“Hey! Sparrow Brain!” He knew that accented snark anywhere. Hunter was dragging the tip of his sword along the ground as he stomped towards the angel before swinging it up and holding it effortlessly right at Silver’s nose.
“You don’t see me interfere with your ‘save the city from the bad guys’ schemes. It’s called Professional Courtesy!” Silver felt a latent twinge of ire and had to take one long deep breath to suppress it.
“Oh sure I should just let a monster rampage through the city and hurt half the neighborhood just so you can be the hero.”
“I believe we have established I am no hero.” OH don’t I know it, Guardian hissed under his breath. Then he saw something off with Hunter.
“Where’s Jinn tonight? Isn’t she your partner?” Hunter’s sudden cackle caught him off guard.
“Partner? Jinn is not my partner. She’s just some witch chick who follows me around and nags on me. Unlike you, I don’t need a partner.”
“What did you just-“
“Oh pul-lease. I watched the fight. You didn’t get out of that trap on your own.” Silver deflated a little. Hunter was right and he knew it. It still did not make it less irritating to hear it from the devil. He was going to counter back when he felt his strength almost leave his body for a moment and almost collapsed off the roof. Hunter caught him by a wing and dragged him back up. Silver felt a cold shiver pass through him just as; to his surprise, Hunter knelt down to his level.
“It got quite a taste of you, did it?” Silver was unsure how to process this. Was Hunter…actually sounding concerned?
“Take my advice. Go straight home, get come hot coco or a good stiff drink-anything to relax and go to bed. The feeling should pass by morning. Got it?” The angel was not sure about this odd change of mood of his hated enemy, but some unknown instinct he’d better listen-at least this one time.
Hunter watched the seraph disappear among the clouds and hummed. Too bad the monster was pretty much destroyed. He’d love to know just what kind of dark delicious emotion that angel possessed.
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2020.10.27 01:57 TheArchangel001 [CMR] Rebbec, Architect of Ascension

Rebbec, Architect of Ascension
(3) (W)
Legendary Creature - Human Artificer
Artifacts you control have protection from each converted mana cost among artifacts you control
Seems like a fun partner! I was already considering a [[Silas Renn]] and [[Tymna the Weaver]] deck, I may try slotting this in for Tymna sometimes!
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2020.10.27 01:55 Key_Ad_1376 My(30F) relationship (10 years) with my partner(31M) has been a mess lately. My partner is now suggesting we move. I don't know how to talk to him about my honest feelings.

I'll try to keep this as to-the-point as possible. Throwaway for obvious reasons. My partner and I have hit an extreme rough patch in our relationship. I've been feeling unfulfilled in this for awhile now, but things have become especially turbulent since he was diagnosed with a serious health problem about 5 months ago. We've always had communication issues, but now they are especially amplified and we're really struggling. I love him dearly, but our inability to work together as a team through things has really started to weigh on me.
A couple times over the past few months, my partner has mentioned the possibility of getting his own space. (To me, this would effectively mean we'd be breaking up). Usually he's said this during arguments and then once things calm down, the topic fades away. We live in a very expensive city and rent is very high. We've been in our current place so long, we're living WAY under the cost of what it could rent for in today's market. If we split up, the person leaving will probably have a tough time finding something decent for the price we're currently paying. Not to mention, the cost will not be split between two people anymore either.
Well, through a friend, my partner heard about a place with cheap rent and a couple features he's always desired. We went and looked at it, and while it's ok, I wasn't thrilled about it. He seems to like it, he even mentioned thinking it was a step up from our current place. We haven't had a sit down talk about next steps yet. He has never implied this place would be just for him, he's outwardly stated it would be for the two of us.
My deep down feeling is I don't want to move with the way our relationship is currently. I'll be leaving a home I love, and if things do go south with us, I'll be forced to move yet again. On the other hand, I want him to be happy and live where he feels best. Especially since we don't know how many years he has left due to the illness. We've obviously been together a long time and I care about him. I am so worried about how this whole health issue is going to pan out and I want to be there for him as support. However, I think we've both been coasting in what's comfortable instead of facing some hard conversations/realities. I'm trying to dig deep and figure out what I want for my life, but the health crisis has made me feel like my needs are no longer valid and leaving would make me a monster.
I'm a mess of emotions and I can barely organize my thoughts on paper, let alone articulate all this to him. From an outsider's standpoint, is there even a point? I can't decipher if my thoughts are based on planning for the worst case scenario or if my heart is subconsciously trying to tell me I'm already emotionally moving past working through this. It feels impossible to know. I've spent many nights laying awake asking the universe to give me a sign of which direction to go. Perhaps this is that sign? As easy way out of the logistical nightmare that comes with splitting from a long term partner.
I'm just looking for any form of advice at this point. Anyone who's been through something similar or maybe advice on how to talk this through with my partner. I feel very alone and I am terrified of doing something or doing nothing and it being the wrong decision.
TL;DR: Partner would like to move to a new apartment, but we've been on the rocks lately. It doesn't help that he's now going through a very serious health problem. I like where we live and I have major fears about leaving our current place just to have things go south a few months from now. I need help expressing my concerns to him or finally getting the courage to make the hard decisions for both of us.
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2020.10.27 01:55 lesbianlink Small amounts of blood in kitten’s poop?

We have a 4 month old kitten that we adopted from a shelter less than a month ago. she’s really good at using the litter box, the only issue we’ve had is once when it got too full she went outside of it, but she meowed to let us know pretty quickly. She just now tracked a little bit of poop onto our couch, so we checked the litter box and there was a very wet, soft, light colored poop with a small amount of almost membrane-y blood on the outside. She seems perfectly happy, and she’s been completely normal, including eating & drinking. Should we take her to the vet? Me and my partner both work all day tomorrow, so we want to know if we should take her to the emergency vet tonight.
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2020.10.27 01:54 JonathanBrewster 26M Looking for accountability partner

I know there are dozens of posts like this, but I'm tired of failing on my own for so many years. I've had accountability partners in the past, all of whom just haven't worked out for me. I knew them too well and felt uncomfortable admitting my failings to them. I think what I need is someone anonymous (this is of course a secondary account) whose only relationship with me is as an accountability partner. In particular, I struggle in the evening/night EST. If anyone is willing to help me out, feel free to comment.
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2020.10.27 01:52 Hanfaz94 How are other parents managing to balance practicing caution and a good quality of family life during the pandemic with a newborn?

Firstly I understand that this is a very broad question, and I realise that the answers will differ from person to person depending on where they are in the world, but I’m just wanting to hear what other families are doing during times of restriction?
I live in the UK and have a baby girl who is just under 8 weeks old, before me and my partner let any of our immediate family members meet her we asked that they take a covid test which they all did so they could have cuddles without worry (my partner was made redundant before I gave birth which was a blessing in disguise as I had him home full time as support and we didn’t have to worry about him bringing germs home from the workplace) - however there are still family members and close friends who are yet to meet her as we have not only wanted to protect her as much as possible, but it’s not been legally permitted.
I’ve become mentally drained with what to do and how’s best to navigate the pandemic now my daughter is getting older, because although we want to protect my daughter and exercise caution to be as careful as possible, we still want a quality of family life too. We have abided to all the rules and her health will always come first, but it hurts my heart that my daughter has come into a world that doesn’t even allow her grandparents to ‘legally’ see her at the moment, everyone is missing out on times they will never get back and I’m just fed up. I’m hoping there are others who are going through the same thoughts and feelings of being mentally isolated and drained over doing ‘whats best’.
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2020.10.27 01:50 monoatomic My partner neglected to disclose and remembered because of getting an outbreak, and it's fine

Background: we've been together since ~June and started our relationship in the context of a lot of chaos and very intense emotional connection. They apologized, said they contracted it as a kid and have outbreaks once a year or so and that they forgot to mention it when we were first negotiating sex. They've since gone to a doctor who confirmed the diagnosis and prescribed some medication.
I believe them when they say they forgot, and it's not a big deal. Our relationship is really solid and this feels like an honest mistake and not a betrayal. In terms of relating to the current outbreak, it's mildly frustrating not to be able to kiss, and we haven't had any sexual contact this week (which I intend to bring up; there are other, safe things that we can do with toys, etc), but I don't believe it's a big deal. I've been meaning to get tested anyway and always get a panel that includes HSV1 and 2, because I like to be able to inform my partners, and although I'm not seeing anyone else at the moment I'll make sure they're aware of my status and that my partner gets oral sores sometimes, as I have in the past when dating someone who had tested positive for HSV1 but didn't get outbreaks.
I'm posting this to encourage anyone who may have received a diagnosis and is worried about finding or keeping a partner, or anyone whose partner has been diagnosed and who is trying to process the new development. Hopefully this anecdote is illustrative that herpes doesn't have to be a big deal.
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2020.10.27 01:50 plumslope6 Terrified and at a loss for solutions

I am 20 years old and 110% sure I do not ever ever ever want to carry nor raise a child. Zero maternal instincts, way too much childhood trauma and mental illness that I don't want to continue the cycle on and not to mention severe chronic illness and a life time of body dysmorphia. I'm tired of hearing that a pregnancy might not be that bad with my conditions. I don't care. I have spent every day since I was 12 being sick and in pain. I can't imagine being forced into something that would make my suffering worse. I would rather die than have to be pregnant and give birth. My partner agrees with me and would always support me for an abortion but also says that if I couldn't get one, he wouldn't be comfortable putting a child into the foster system, which terrifies me. I have been having anxiety attacks every single day since the issue of a new Supreme Court Justice came up. I'm horrified about what could happen. I've had my mom tell me I'm jumping the gun and overreacting, to just keep taking my pills and that surgery might cause more harm to me anyway. My therapist seems concerned about my anxiety but has straight up agreed that no doctor would agree to tie the tubes of a 20 year old with no kids. I need my birth control no matter what to help with my GU pain, but I want permanent birth control. I don't want an IUD or the shot or to just assume that pills will always be an option. I want a birth control that can't be taken away from me by anyone, government included. I don't want to even have to worry about something being forced on me. I start crying just thinking about it.
I just want my tubes tied or removed or whatever it is. I'm at such a loss. I feel like no one will listen to me and there's nothing I can do. Am I just supposed to stop having sex for the rest of my life and hope nothing else that's bad ever happens to me? Just supposed to suffer through extra unnecessary pain?
Is anyone else out there feeling the same way right now, or does anyone have some comforting words or advice? I feel like I can't breathe.
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2020.10.27 01:49 JonathanBrewster Catholic 26M looking for accountability partner

I know there are dozens of posts like this, but I'm tired of failing on my own for so many years. I've had accountability partners in the past, all of whom just haven't worked out for me. I knew them too well and felt uncomfortable admitting my failings to them. I think what I need is someone anonymous (this is of course a secondary account) whose only relationship with me is as an accountability partner. I'm hoping for someone Catholic or someone who understands Catholic teachings on sexuality. In particular, I struggle in the evening/night EST. I'd also be interested in joining or helping set up a Catholic NoFap subreddit. If anyone is willing to help me out, feel free to comment.
EDIT: Just realized there apparently is a Catholic subreddit already, so I've joined that, too!
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2020.10.27 01:48 AutisticLoli Chalkeaters Video Rant

So someone shared the all too familiar "It Just Works" song by the Chalkeaters. I like the song, I think it's well made and expresses the mood/thoughts of the community, but there's a lot of deets that are either overblown, incorrect, or misunderstanding the cause.
So, I broke down every verse of the song and ranted about it. Here's the copy paste of the chat log, enjoy!
Me: Ha, I never get tired of seeing that reposted. I don't know if Todd has seen it, but I do know Pete wasn't too happy. Which I can understand, the song isn't really 100% accurate with what actually happens, but I think it does a good job at explaining how the community feels.\
Them: It is 100% the truth "Heres the game, fix it for us"
Me: Well, I guess I'll break down the song verse by verse and explain
Them: Theyve released Skyrim what, 6 times? And the bugs are fucked every time
Me: Technically only twice, The rest were just releases on other platforms. No wait, 3 times, VR counts cuz its a different engine.
So first up, 76 was an experiment that went wrong. It was outsourced to a new studio they had worked with in the past that they now owned, and it was to help teach the new studio how to use the creation engine dev tools. Their real mistake was trying to market it like a full game. But I blame zenimax for that, not Bethesda. Literally, Bethesda maryland had nothing to do with it.
As for the bugs, well Bethesda isn't lazy, they're just incompetent. They lost all of their good coders after Morrowind because of what happened to Julian and Chris Weaver. If you don't know that story, Julian was the chief engineer when Bethesda was founded by Chris, and the Elder Scrolls was his project, he made it based on a DnD game he had with his friends. He and his friends made TES 1, and TES 2, but the company started going through troubles so he worked on some side projects, like Battlespire, a TES spinoff game. But by the time work on TES3 had started, he learned that they had basically started it without him, and he basically got super offended and left, among the reason that the general culture had changed.
Chris' story is a lot more.... hostile. So Chris founded Bethesda, then when he realized the company was going under after TES2, decided to make Zenimax and Bethesda Softworks, rebranding Bethesda as Bethesda Game Studios. So basically, there are 2 bethesdas, and zenimax owns them both now. He did this so people wouldn't buy Bethesda and they could maintain their autonomy, pushing a structure that made Zenimax take care of the business stuff, while BGS focuses solely on making games. Softworks exists to publish their games, and only has like 3 employees. All three of which also work for Zenimax except Pete Hines, but Pete doesn't show up till later. Anyways, so Chris kind of realized he wasn't the best at business stuff, so he found this guy called Robert Altman to help him out. To make a long story short, Altman is a total dirtbag, who ended up pushing Chris out of his own company by hiring a board behind his back and firing him. Altman is also a convicted felon for white collar crimes, FYI. He did some shady shit with offshore banking or something I don't remember.
Anyways, so with Chris and Julian gone, pretty much everyone at Bethesda except Todd left, because they hated the way things were going. This meant they lost a lot of talent, which is why every game after Morrowind has been a total trainwreck internally. Its not that bethesda is lazy, its just that they've lacked talent and have been building on the work of the original people who worked there. I mean, if they knew how to fix the bugs, they would have lol. But, they're also on record saying they intentionally leave some bugs in, which is actually a verse later on in the song.
So moving on, the Nylon Bag fiasco. So, I dunno why people don't understand this, but all of Bethesda's merch is outsourced by a company called... shit I can't remember. Anyways, it's also not Bethesda doing that stuff, it's the company they hired to handle their merch, who also handle CS complaints too, which is where that quote came from.
Them: The fact they didnt check the quality of the product they outsourced pins the blame on them.
Me: I mean why would they? For 10 years now they have done fine. If you're the kind of person to micromanage a partner you've been with for 10 years, you're going to piss off your partner.
So the next verse talks about the Creation Engine. People always like to say "omg the engine is so old, BGS needs to get a new one." Like dudes, anyone who says that does not know how a game engine works. The Engine Halo ran on? Yeah same once since Halo 1, in fact Infinite is the only one using a new one. Source Engine? That shit old, but Half Life Alyx just came out, and it still uses the same engine since half life 2. The problem with Creation isn't the age of the engine, it's the competence of the engineers. Which like I said before, is pretty low ever since the Julian and Chris drama. In fact, technically Creation engine is brand new and has only been around since Skyrim :>
Netimerse, the engine they've been using, is fine. A lot of companies still use it for RPGs. Bethesda got netimerse, which was then known as Gamebyro, for Morrowind, and gave it a total facelift for Oblivion. Then, they gave it another facelift for skyrim, and since little of the original gamebyro remained, they rebranded it as Creation. What's that one boat thought experiment? Where if you replace all parts of the boat, is it the same boat? They took the old boat of netimerse and gave it a motor propeller, took down the sail and replaced it with a roof, removed all the wood and replaced it with metal, and that's what you have now. The thing is, there's a lot of holes in the hull because when they replaced the wood, they didn't know how to properly seal the metal. That's Bethedsa's engine situation in a nutshell.
Like the renderer in fallout 76 for example. It's a great piece of software, it's brand new, and allows for amazing lighting and distant scenery without FPS hogging. But, whoever implemented it just kinda shoved it in, and didn't synergize it with the LOD generation, so you have the sun fucking shining through hills. Fixing it is pretty easy, you just patch the renderer to take into account shit loaded by the billboards, but when they implemented it the engineer obviously didn't take that into account and didn't notice it during the heavily controlled tests either. So again, the engine is fine, the engineers aren't, which is why they're currently hiring for that position.
Them: how wouldnt they notice it?
Well when they playtest, they do it in controlled environments. I learned this when talking to Pete about fallout 4's production cycle. I'll get into this more later.
Aight, so the next verse in the song, the DLC bit. Ok so this one I'll actually blame Bethesda for all the way. Ok not all the way, Zenimax has a lot of fucking with this too. So fun fact, Bethesda is why we have DLC in literally every game now lol. Back when they were making Oblivion, Bethesda partnered with Microsoft to get it on the xbox 360. Back in Morrowind, the devs would create mods, some of which ended up being expansions or DLC, but it was all for free. Then Microsoft did the 360, which came with xbox live, and allowed you to buy things through the store, from the console, no need for discs. And they were all like, "Yo, Bethesda, test this out. Make some skins or something." So Bethesda made the infamous horse armor DLC. It was literally just armor, for your horse, that some NPCs would comment on. I think they also gave them a bonus to HP or something, but it was a simple mod that microsoft wanted Bethesda to sell as downloadable content (thats what DLC stands for, just in case you're totally new to gaming).
It's actually funny, cuz Bethesda was going to see it for like, $0.10, Then Microsoft is all like "Yo, we sell desktop screensavers for more than this" So they bumped it up to $2. Thus, they started selling all of their DLC. Except the other DLC were too big to download so they had to do it via discs again. Other companies took note, and started doing DLC seeing how widely successful Bethesda was with Oblivion and Fallout 3/NV. A lot of people say Bethesda does DLC right, because you have your base game, you can have fun with it, then later down the road the devs make more content for the game and sell it to you, and it's generally worth the price to get another storyline in another region or something. Then Ubisoft and Activision and EA really started to fuck with the concept of DLC by doing things like day 1 DLC, or making their games really bland and empty with the "real game" behind paywalls. So now everyone hates DLC because companies realized they can sell you a cheap game that isn't worth the $60 price tag, then sell parts of the already made game for $30 each
But, I say Bethesda isn't innocent because a few years ago, they tried to do this thing called Creation Club. So modding has been a thing in TES since morrowind, and it isn't the only game to do modding at that time, but it got pretty popular. And it only grew with Oblivion, Fallout, and Skyrim. In fact, I think Skyrim is one of the biggest modding communities ever, contested by only Minecraft. So Bethesda was all like "Yo, these talented people are putting hours of work into making free shit. They should be getting paid." But, unlike Half-Life, which literally just hires modders and helps them make a full game, Bethesda decided to go a different route. They created this thing called Creation Club, where you could submit mods, Bethesda would approve them based on quality, then sell them for you. Bethesda would get a cut, of course. This is where is starts to sound less good on paper
The idea though was always terrible, because the thing about mods is they were always free. DLC came around and we only accepted paying for it because it came from the actual developers. So charging people for something that has always been free really pisses them off, especially when the prices of these mods didn't really seem fair. $5 for a set of armor that you have to spawn in with console commands? Doesn't really seem like quality. Plus, with todays market of gamers already being pissed at the Nickle and diming of the way bigger companies are handling DLC, it just seemed like more bullshit you have to pay for. So yeah, people revolted, Steam realized it was a bad idea and pulled their support, but Bethesda went ahead with creation club anyways, rebranded as creation club. Anyways, the paid mods fiasco was partly bad planning, partly good intentions, and partly corporate greed. I tend to push all the corporate greed stuff to Zenimax, but I'm p sure Bethesda spearheaded this operation since Zenimax is full of people who don't even know what a mod is.
So the next verse in this song is the train head thing. People make fun of it like that's just Bethesda Incomitance Manifest. In reality, that's actually a good workaround for an engine that doesn't support trains. The following verse is about the memes generate from bugs. I mentioned earlier that bethesda purposefully leaves in bugs they think are funny because it adds to the experience. And this isn't them being out of touch, they actually removed the Giant Space Program bug, but the community demanded they add it back in because it was a hilarious bug. As for the spaceship with a dragon animation line, that's a jab at the reuse of skyrim assets in fallout 76 And fallout 4. Reusing assets isn't laziness if you do it right. Games like COD that make brand new assets for every level and almost never use anything twice are why those games have giant fucking file sizes. And take forever to make with staff many times larger than Bethedsa's.
god I'm only half way through this song....
Aight, so looting useless junk. It's probably a throwaway line, but useless junk is important for the game economy. Part of the fallout experience is literally digging through trash to find something useful, it really makes you feel like you're in a wasteland. As for skyrim, the power of a daedric sword would be null if you didn't have a cheap-ass iron dagger to give it relativity. The graphics argument.... ehhh, graphics is really subjective, but I thought fallout 4s graphics were p nice. I mean yeah, anything before Skyrim looked like melted plastic, and even Skyrim hasn't aged well so you need some mods to bring it to 2020. Something to keep in mind though about graphics is that bethesda games are unique sandboxes where everything interacts with each other. It's not like the Witcher where you pick items off a menu, you can actually drop shit, kick them around the game world, and etc. Little is actually baked into the environment because you can interact with everything, which is a huge FPS hog. So fallout 4 looking as good as it did was pretty cool, and I loved how the hair had animations and wasn't just stiff, and how the characters actually looked human. But it wasn't enough for a lot of people, so meh.
Them: The problem with 4 was the story and lack of options that the other games had (Excluding 3).
Me: Yeah I had a lot of issues with 4, graphics wasn't one of them
Finally nearing the end of the song. So now I can finally start agreeing and dissing on BGS. Half dozen peasants with the same ugly face. That's a legit complaint, because Morrowind had scores of NPCs. Oblivion had to dial it back because of the dynamic AI and RAM restrictions of the 360. In fact, a lot of people blame the 360 for all of the tech restrictions of oblivion. And the faces were super ugly, I don't think anyone can defend that. The towns are small, but again that's tech restrictions. Sorta.
One huge difference between TES2 and TES3+, which you can also say a difference between Julian and Todd's game philosophy, is Julian wanted full sized worlds with an actual population of NPCs and full sized cities. Todd on the other hand, made the choice in TES3 to scale back the world, and focus on quality over quantity. Now, here is where I can actually agree where Bethesda is lazy. In Skyrim, they used copypasted caves/dungeons. Few were actually unique. This might be because of the 11/11/11 release date, but the total lack of imagination really killed the dungeon grind.
Now onto infinite quests. Yeah they kinda suck. Procedural quests was a selling point of Skyrim that really underwhelmed people. Then Fallout 4 took that to 11. It worked better in Skyrim because of the way the sandbox worked, but there was totally room for more dynamics. The procedural quests basically created 1 of 3 different kind of quests per guild, and some would randomly pick an AI from the town to go rescue or something. In fallout 4, you had 2 kinds of quests, shared across each faction, and now they're even less unique because they all boil down to "go kill everyone in this building" According to my talks with Pete, this was an oversite because those quests were placeholders that accidently made it into the final game. They were there to test the new combat engine, play testers would take a quest then go shoot up a place and report any bugs. They were supposed to flesh them out with more dynamics, but forgot because the note to do that got lost, and from the design POV the quests were fully developed and functioning. So it totally flew under the radar. Next verse!
So anyways, the perk tree bit was a jab at the lack of role playing aspects in bethesda's roleplaying games. This is a legit complaint because Bethesda is trying to steamline their games to reach wider audiences, but are alienating their hardcore fans in the process. Thats all I have to say about that. Wait, I think that was the last verse. Yup, that was it. Well, except for the little lies bit In the chorus. People accuse Todd of lying a lot, when really he wasn't. Like the chess club bit, that was a joke. Everything else were about features that were intended to be in the game, but cut for various reasons. Todd doesn't know when/if features are going to get cut, so it's unfair to say he's a liar when they do. That's also why they aren't talking about Starfield or TES6. At all. They're sick of being called liars because things they want in the game get axed.
Whelp thats everything! If you actually read everything, get a life lol.
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2020.10.27 01:48 myturtleflies Planning ahead till Christmas

My poli sci professor used to have to limit me to 20 pages in college so I apologize for what’s below.
So my LDR partner Waffle (25F) and I (25M) have been dating for 3 years. We met the summer after college graduation. We have always spent thanksgiving and Christmas apart(1 year due to death in the family, 2 for not realizing my parents have warped my perceptions). When I lived with my parents, we used to host 22 family relatives and it was always a madhouse (in 2015 my mother’s mom insisted my dad gave her cancer). We always leave our house on Christmas Day to drive to the Midwest and drive back New Year’s Eve to visit my grandparents. Its a 14 hour drive each way. We have been doing that for the past 20 odd years.
So to set the scene, my older brother and I moved out almost 2 years ago. He stayed local moving an hour and I dipped out to the northeast USA. My sister is in her second year at college in Montana. Last year, I decided I’d rather spend the holiday with my partner and announced that to my mother as a loose plan around November 2019 and a set plan April of this year. Since then she has taken every phone call or written letter to reinforce her idea of me coming back for Thanksgiving. Even going so far as to buy a plane ticket in June for that week. She finally accepted that this was the reality last week yet took the opportunity to cut in with a lovely comment about how obviously me and Waffles are just friends and nothing more.
My mother has also been on the controlling side and was rather abusive during and college. It took me moving out and a year of therapy to recognize that. I would like to maintain a relationship with both of my parents but not at the cost of being miserable.
And with that we finally get to the good part of Christmas where I need y’all’s advice.
My partner and I are willing to drive to my parents house for the holidays but I am worried about how to approach the topic while attempting to “play nice”. Based off my mother’s reaction to thanksgiving I’m anticipating a fight over having Waffle join my immediate family for the holiday. So I’m open ears for any advice y’all have before taking the plunge.
Disclaimers: I am financially limited in cutting ties with them due to insurance reasons at the moment and they have used that as a threat. Previously they have turned off my phone and cancelled my car insurance in college for two weeks.
The only issue my mother would have with the relationship is that she would see Waffles as a threat to her power. I’ve had similar and much worse relationships in the past that got no reaction but they were not serious.
I will not get positive or negative action from siblings in this negotiation.
We have all been in quarantine working from home and that won’t change in the next months.
TL;DR Planning to spend thanksgiving with Partner of 3 years for first holiday away from family. Awful reaction. How do I avoid a fight while also bringing partner to Christmas?
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2020.10.27 01:48 OkProfit3111 PSSD After Taking SSRIS During Puberty (has anyone else experienced this?)

I took Zoloft for a few years starting at around age 11 or 12 (right when I hit puberty), and went on Lexapro for about a month at the beginning of this year. I'm now 19 and while I don't have any issues with arousal or numbness, it's pretty much impossible for me to orgasm except in one position (this subsequently makes it impossible to do it during sex with a partner). I also believe that taking Zoloft delayed the "sexual desire" part of puberty for me- I didn't experience that until around 14, long after everyone else I know.
Also, while I think I could maybe orgasm in other ways before (honestly it's kinda dicey looking back, for reasons I can't explain without being too TMI I honestly think I've been this way as long as I've been having sex) it was really after my round of Lexapro that I started noticing this.
Has anyone else had this experience (ie SSRIs during puberty and/or only being able to orgasm in one position)? I know my symptoms aren't as severe as others on here, but it's still really detrimental to my sex life, and I'm also deeply concerned about the connection to puberty and the lack of research surrounding it.
edit: I'm AFAB (assigned female at birth), and also didn't really experience less sexual desire while on Lexapro this year (ironically I somehow had the opposite effect).
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2020.10.27 01:47 iwannabethisguy INAN for yet another Youtube tech channel

Hey guys, my partner and I are in need of a name for a Youtube tech channel that we're starting. The channel will focus on the desktop experience (CPU, GPU, casing, watercooling, monitor, mouse, keyboard etc). Since both of us are working adults, we're thinking of taking a laid back approach to the content and presentation so our first choice of names included options like 'casual tech' or 'laid back tech' but those domains seem to be taken and we couldnt find anything suitable in the thesaurus.
Our preference is to have a two or three word name with 'tech' being one of them preceded or followed by an adjective but it seems difficult to come up with one that's available given the popularity of tech channels. So, we've decided to be flexible with the naming criteria to things related to tech/computers like 'through the tempered glass' (too long) but prefer no portmanteaus.
What would you suggest?
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2020.10.27 01:46 Dandan0587 Why is the Electro-Charged reaction so unstable?

Why is the Electro-Charged reaction so unstable?
Test video: https://youtu.be/trhtV5Ktv_8
Sometimes I don't see the second tic (damage over time), sometimes I don't see dmg at all (Lisa auto attack), sometimes Electro char EM/LVL defines de dmg (regardless of element order), sometimes Hydro char EM/LVL defines the dmg accordingly (if Hydro is proccing the reaction). It's has to be more than just Lisa's bug and EM/LVL of Electro char consideration (https://forums.mihoyo.com/genshin/article/37346) or I'm missing something.
Tests #2 and #3 bellow are similar but with different outcomes. On all tests both elements went away quickly after reaction was triggered, but coming back and continuing the reaction effect, but at this point I saw 3 different behaviors.
For some reason on test #2, just Electro came back without Hydro partner to proc DoT (like in test #3), so it remained there until faded.

Test # 1: Hydro over Electro
- There was no DoT;
- After the reaction both elements vanished from enemy head, then both quickly came back and remained there after for a while providing space for a double reaction Pyro attack afterwards.
Test # 2: Electro over Hydro
- There was no DoT;
- After the reaction both elements vanished from enemy head, but only Electro came back and stayed for a while until disappeared.
Test # 3: Electro over Hydro (again)
- There was DoT;
- After the reaction both elements vanished from enemy head, then both quickly came back, and quickly were gone again (as if they were consumed by DoT).
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2020.10.27 01:46 psld19 I thought I might be a sociopath

So pretty much as the title says, I thought I might be a sociopath. Honestly worried about it at times, one of the key reasons is that I can cut people out of my life and move on very easily. It has happened with friends and families when the relationships are impacting me negatively. I cut them off and move on.
Mentioned this to my partner the other night, finally felt confident enough to say it to them. They responded "no that's a defence mechanism" and it was a light bulb moment. Raised by a N-parent who would burn through friendships every few years, who cut out family etc. I got used to losing people and stopped letting it impact me.
Years later and still discovering the impacts of my childhood.
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2020.10.27 01:46 abc261394 Partner doesn’t believe I’m upset

Hi guys, so a lot of the time if my partner says / does something mean, I will get upset and cry (I’m a wuss I know). For the last year or so, whenever I cry he says “those tears aren’t going to get you anything” or “those tears mean nothing”. I am upset in these situations but i don’t even know how to respond to that, as he doesn’t believe I am genuine. Anyone have any ideas on how I can better communicate to him that it’s not fake?
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2020.10.27 01:45 dudegetmyhorse In terms of job eligibility, are online certifications worth the money?

Hey all! I hope this is the right place for a question like this---if not, let me know and I'll take it down.
I've been looking into getting a few certifications online to help round out my resume and add to my education, but I'm unsure if they're worth the investment and would like guidance from people who may be a bit more experienced at such things than I am.
For background on me, I'm a 22 y/o retail store manager. I've had this job for about two years now and have loved every second of it, honestly. I've received high praises from my company and see a real possibility of upward movement with them. Life is life, however, and there's a chance I'll have to leave the company within the next year (partner relocating for their job) and I would like to have a more secure resume to help land a decent job. I have no college education, but received a certification in Hospitality and Tourism Management earlier in the year.
I've been looking into several online certification programs, but have no idea what's worth anything. Penn Foster has caught my attention the most, as they offer both simple certifications and undergrad certifications that I can use to eventually receive their bachelors degree (though, I have been told by many in the industry that degrees aren't necessarily worth getting?).
Their accounting and business management undergraduate certificates seem to be the best choice, but they are expensive. They offer 'essentials certificates' in both areas for about half the price of the undergrad certificates, but I fear they won't be taken as seriously on a resume as a more intensive certificate program would be and it'll be a waste of money.
Any advice or guidance?
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2020.10.27 01:44 CyCyScOtT [H] Kara FFI 0.006, Bullet Rain 0.02x vBTA, AWP Graphite 0.001x, M4 Hyperbeast 0.004x [W] M9 Lore <0.08, Stiletto Crimson Web FT, ST FN USP Neo Noir, AWP Asiimov FT Trade

Item Float Screenshot Trad-able Buyout Current Offers
Karambit Marble Fade Fake Fire and Ice, BTA Corner 0.006x Karambit FFI #630 NOW M9 Lore 0.07x -
M4A4 Bullet Rain FN vBTA Front 0.021x Bullet Rain NOW Stiletto Crimson Web FT -
AWP Graphite FN 0.001x Graphite NOW StatTrak USP Neo Noir FN -
M4A1-S Hyper Beast FN 0.004x Hyper Beast NOW AWP Asiimov FT -
All Negotiable
Add me to discuss:
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2020.10.27 01:43 japeda Simple life?

Hi all,
I'm designing a 2br 2ba house for my partner and I and maybe a family to come.
It seems like the simpler the life the better, so I'm asking for some simple ideas for our house - basically things we can build in or ways that we should built that are very low maintenance. Mostly I'm thinking long term, as opposed to building process (it'd be worth extra cost or effort building to not have to worry about it for 30 years).
So far we have a metal pitched roof with no skylights or anything funky in it, a concrete floor with radiant heat (with rugs), aluminum or otherwise clad exterior windows and doors, considering in-line water heaters (but maybe not, our well water is pretty hard). What else should we be thinking about/considering?
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2020.10.27 01:42 xShace [STORE] .01 M9 Lore, AWP Redline w/ iBP Holo + 3 Crowns, AWP Safari Mesh with Katos, UMP Momentum w/ 4x 3DMax K15, MW Arid Gloves

Name Notes Screenshot B/O
M9 Bayonet Lore .0173 https://s1.cs.money/5boKrJ8_image.jpg $1800 or $1725 BTC/ETH
AWP Redline iBP Holo + 3 crowns https://s1.cs.money/48NKJq6_image.jpg $1250
Sport Gloves Arid 0.1341 https://s1.cs.money/R3fRBMs_image.jpg $420
UMP Momentum 4x K15 3DMax Holos (1/1 according to FloatDB) https://s1.cs.money/sR0rvN0_image.jpg $260
AWP Safari Mesh K14 LDLC on Scope + VP/FNC Non-Holo https://s1.cs.money/zpcwuiJ_image.jpg $250
Will look at any offers, b/o's are a little negotiable.
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2020.10.27 01:42 redheadvillain Married to a man, but coming to the realization I am bi

I married the man who was my first ever serious relationship, first sexual partner, first almost everything. We got together when I was 18 and he's been it ever since. I was raised in a very conservative home where not-so-nice things were said about gay/bi/trans individuals. I vividly remember my dad making my mom stop watching the Rosie O Donnell talk show when she came out. It has taken me until my 30s to realize I am attracted to women. I find myself looking at photos of mostly women when I want to get turned on. Sex with my husband has never felt "right" but he is a great person who loves me SO much, and we have two beautiful children together. I dont want to end my relationship as I think it is best for my kids to have an intact family.... im just at a loss of what to do. Im feeling so sad at the possibility of never being able to explore these feelings without ending my relationship or cheating which I do not want to do. This is half venting half looking for advice. What do I do??
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2020.10.27 01:41 Fab_4ever E-Sports gambling

"Ultimately, Esports Entertainment Group expects competitive gaming to become as big as traditional sports. That’s why Grant Johnson believes that sports team owners such as Robert Kraft, Mark Cuban, Jerry Jones, and Harris Blitzer Sports Entertainment have all made esports investments. Institutional investors are bullish, and that’s why investors are pouring a billion dollars a year into the industry."
You watch, ASM is going to take this down. Kraft, Cuban and Jones don't stand a chance.
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