Darwing dating

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EM and EK thinks I have a girlfriend.

2020.07.28 19:44 marekcz123 EM and EK thinks I have a girlfriend.

So this happened in elementary school and little story to let you understand the story, I am not talking to any girls , but there was one girl who talked with me, and that made my life little more hell because my friends thought i had a girlfriend and all the times I have to tell them that we are not a couple. For you to have example of her I will give conversation. conversation:
Emily ( her name is changed ) : Hey Mark, can you help me with drawing ? ( she said in shy voice )
Me: ( shy as f*** ) Ummmm yeah, and what drawing specifficaly ?
Emily: With darwing a pikachu.
Me: Okay I look forward to it.
Emily: Thanks.
F: Yo you have a girlfiend bro.
Me: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no and stop saying it.
F: Okayy.
Me: * sighs *
So one day she wanted more things I thought it is quite stupid, but I like when I can help people. And after the school I just went to walk home and didnt care of what was around, but all of a sudden a school bully showed up.
Me: Hey EK do you want your butt to be kicked again ?
EK: No, but dont talk to my girlfriend.
Me: Well I am happy for you that you have a girlfriend but I dont know who are you talking about.
EK: I am talking about Emily.
Me: She is not your girlfriend man.
EK: But she will, she will breake up with you and go out with me.
Me: She is not my girlfriend man jeez.
EK2: We know you are lying so tell the truth.
Me: Jeez did you invited your ex EK?
EK: Yes.
Me: Bruh.
Me: If we will fight its not gonna be fair and square.
* after 5 sec *
Me: I said its not gonna be fair.
EK and EK2: Ouch.
After one month Emily asked me if I want to see movie with her, I said yes I thought it is only hangout but I had to tell my friends because then they would be mega convinced. At the cinema it was good but after movie jeeez I didnt believed my eyes.
Me: That was good if you want we can hangout sometime.
Emily: Really ?
Me: Yeah this was different seeing movie with a girl, but it was nice.
EK: Hello there.
Me: Really this voice line I predicted better.
EM: But atleast he chosed one.
EK: yeah
EK and EM: Anyway Emily come with EK on date.
Emily: No I like someone.
Me: You heard her leave her alone.
EM: Who are you, her stupid boyfriend ?
Me: Jeez, no I am her friend.
EM: Yeah lovebirds.
Me: ( angry very angry ) Leave now ! I want this day to not be a hell.
EK: What will you do ?
Me: Ummmmm kick your ass like week ago.
EK: mom we should leave.
EM: Okay.

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2020.07.28 13:57 PengolinCoin The Swap Is Over! PengolinCoin (PGO) Is Now Proof of Stake (PoS)!

Greetings fellow Pengolonians! As you may or may not know PengolinCoin has moved from a Proof of Work (PoW) consensus to a Proof of Stake Consensus (PoS). We made this decision for several reasons. First, our original code was old and out dated. We needed to update the code and this could have taken months. Second, PengolinCoin was being dominated by FPGA’s and ASIC miners which leads to decentralization and coin dumping. Finally, we were lucky enough to find and add Alonewolf to the team. Alonewolf is a PIVX blockchain expert and educated us on the advantages of this blockchain and Proof of Stake. The best part is that Alonewolf could complete the new code in a week. The new PengolinCoin code will set the project up for a successful future.
Users are already staking PengolinCoins in their wallets and masternodes are running. Please go to our Discord channel for any questions you may have about staking or setting up a masternode. PengolinCoin also has several partnerships with shared masternode sites. Some of these sites offer different services such as cold node storage and full and partial masternode ownerships. The details are also located in our Discord channel. https://discord.gg/cxqDARw
What is in PengolinCoin’s future? We intend to add zk-SNARKS and Sapling privacy protocols, add more features to the GUI wallet such as cold storage staking, release an ios and Android mobile wallet, listings on masternode tracking sites and add more top exchanges. So, as you can see there is a lot to look forward to so stay tuned! Finally, a big thanks to our loyal community members that kept their faith and trust in us!
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2019.12.19 23:11 archangelique MSI H97 Gaming 3, i5-4690, GTX 650 Ti (GK106) Mojave Dual Boot

MSI H97 Gaming 3, i5-4690, GTX 650 Ti (GK106) Mojave Dual Boot

Hi, I've successfully installed Mojave with Vanilla Guide. Everything is working fine so far.

Full Specs

  • MSI H97 Gaming 3 Intel H97 Express (Intel 9 Series)
  • Intel Core i5-4690
  • MSI GeForce GTX 650 Ti PE O.C. (GK106) w/ Intel HD 4600 (Headless/Connectorless)
  • 8 GB (4x2 Kit) DDR3 1600MHz Memory
  • 240 GB Kingston HyperX Savage 2.5" SATA 3.0 SSD (2X, 1 for Win10, 1 for MacOS), WD 1TB HDD for data
  • Dell U2419HC 1080p monitor connected with HDMI

SMBIOS: iMac 15,1

It's strange that all Serial Generators generates Mid-2015 3.3 GHz Core i5 (I5-4590) (iMac 27-Inch "Core i5" 3.3 (5K, Mid-2015) 3.3 GHz Core i5 (I5-4590)) serials. Since I have a newer CPU, Haswell refresh i5-4690, I didn't want to use this serial and searched for a newer one but found none. Then I found a post on reddit, a redditor said if we change the last digit from 10 to 11 then EveryMac results the right CPU.
Also found a real iMac 15,1 darwin dump and it confirmed the last digit 11 for newer Haswell Refresh iMac15,1. Redditor also stated that trying a serial ends with 11 leads only Messages to work.
Serial with 10 ending digits shows the correct CPU under About This Mac in my case. Have anyone tried 11 and got every service work (iMessage, App Store etc) ?
Darwing Dump from a real iMac15,1 Haswell Refresh. (Do NOT use it on a hack!) BiosReleaseDate 09/29/2014 BiosVendor Apple Inc. BiosVersion IM151.88Z.0207.B00.1409291931 Board-ID Mac-42FD25EABCABB274 BoardManufacturer Apple Inc. BoardSerialNumber C02436602U5FW29A8 Family iMac Manufacturer Apple Inc. ProductName iMac15,1 SerialNumber C02ND2VTFY11 Version 1.0 


  • Platform ID: 0x04120004 (Headless mode for HD 4600)

BIOS Settings

Save & Exit \ Restore Defaults
  • Restore Defaults
Overclocking \ CPU Fatures
  • Intel VT-D Tech: [Disabled]
  • CFG Lock: [Disabled]
  • Extreme Memory Profile(X.M.P): [Enabled]
Settings \ Advanced \ Windows 8/8.1 Configuration
  • Windows 8/8.1 Feature: [Enabled](This is important to have full UEFI otherwise Bios sets Boot mode select to UEFI & Legacy under Settings \ Boot. Besides you only get cristal clear and full screen text with Windows Feature Enabled!)
  • MSI Fast Boot: [Disabled]
  • Fast Boot: [Disabled]
Settings \ Advanced \ Integrated Peripherals
  • Network Stack: [Disabled]
  • Intel Serial IO: [Disabled]
Settings \ Advanced \ Integrated Graphics Configuration
  • Initiate Graphic Adapter: [PEG]
  • DVMT Pre-Allocated: 128MB+(Not sure if it's required, did it for Headless mode)
  • IGD Multi-Monitor: [Enabled](This is important to run HD 4600 in Headless mode!)


  • ApfsDriverLoader
  • AptioMemoryFix
  • VBoxHfs


  • AppleALC
  • AtherosE2200Ethernet
  • Lilu
  • VirtualSMC
  • WhateverGreen


I've enabled SIP fully since I only use kexts injection from Clovekexts/Other therefore I don't need SIP disabled or half disabled.

GTX 650 Ti (GK106)

I've read a lot about GK106 based cards are not compatible and causes glitches and issues. Maybe not all of them have issues. I talked to a few people from both Reddit and other Hackintosh forums and got confirmation that they use MacOS with GTX 650 Ti without any issues and decided to gave it a shot.
My card is from MSI, full name is MSI GeForce GTX 650 Ti Power Edition 1 GB and I patched it back in day to make it full UEFI compatible. Maybe UEFI patched version don't have any issues. Maybe the key is this patch to make this card to work without issues, IDK. If you own one (GTX 650 Ti) go ahead and try it. I almost buy a cheap RX card because I read it is not compatible on both Vanilla Guide and Tonymacx86, some people even argued that all GK106 cards are not compatible by pointing the guides I've mentioned but then I decided to give it a try and doing so saved me a few bucks.
Hackintool reports VDA Decoder Fully Supported under Info \ System. I checked Photoshop 2020 and Illustrator 2020 and they report they report Drawing Mode: Advanced. I haven't tried video rendering though, I'll edit this post when I do.

TRIM or not TRIM

I've read a lot about TRIM on APFS and decided to enable it via terminal.
sudo trimforce enable 
Apple suggest after enabling TRIM one should boot into Safe Mode.
What you don't want to do is turn it on and then change your mind a turn it off, which can lead to data corruption. TRIM will release deleted blocks, It is recommended once enabled do a restart into SafeBoot Mode (hold the Shift key.) https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201262 Safe Mode does a Disk Repair and honors this trimforce command, effectively removing all the old deleted data. 
However, I could not run Mojave in Safe Mode. Tried with Clover, Space bar and select Safe Mode but all of the attempts lead to No Signal after a few wall of text (-v). I also found out when trying to boot into Safe Mode none of the Clover Kexts were able to be injected, therefore boot failed. I had to boot normal and run First Aid on the Mac drive and boom!
First Aid found corruption that needs to be repeired. To repair the startup volume, run First Aid from Recovery. Problems were found with the partition map which might prevent booting 
Running First Aid in Recovery failed due to it could not Unmount the volumes. Trying Unmounting APFS Volume and Container didn't work either. However, I booted in normal mode and tried First Aid on APFS Mojave Volume and I got
Volume could not be unmounted. Using live mode. The volume appears to be OK. Operation successful. 
Running First Aid on the Container scanned all 4 Volumes and
Mojave Preboot Recovery VM Using live mode. The volume appears to be OK. Operation successful. 
Again running First Aid on the Disk itself results corruption for some reason. Any suggestions?
Edit: Multiple edits due to some corrections and avoiding annoying dog photo as a post preview etc.
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2015.02.23 16:43 HalfBredGerman Duck Updates for Feb. 16-22, now with more Duck Softball

Good morning Ducks, this week brings a rather large update of events since the Lady Ducks were busy in Texas. I think in last weeks update I forgot to mention that they would be in the Baylor Invitational, so needless to say a whole lot of softball was played. I'm going to try to be more detailed with the updates as I can, but living on the East Coast presents it's challenges, plus most games aren't on TV, so I'll attempt what I can, which usually means twitter. So I'll include the write ups for the games. Hope you guys enjoy this weeks batch, and as always let me know what you guys think.

Women’s Softball

Day 1- 2/17

The Ladies travel for a long week in Texas, the game against against Houston on the 16th was pushed into a double header on the 17th due to inclement weather. So the Ducks kick off their long week in Texas with a Double against the University of Houston Cougars. Game 1 was close, with the Ducks winning 2-0, Game 2 was heavier in points, but the Ladies came out winning 10-5. Recap

Day 2- 2/18/15

Today the Ladies had another double, the first game was against Sam Houston State followed by #22 Texas A&M.
In Game 1 the Ducks get down early heading into the 3rd Inning trailing 3-1, but quickly turn it around scoring 5 runs that included a solo home run and a 2 run home run. From here the Ducks would continue to pull away by scoring 8 runs in the 4th. The Run Rule was enforced and the game ended after 5 Innings. Ducks won 14-4, recap
Game 2 came shortly after, with the Ducks facing #22 Texas A&M. This game tied early on, with the Aggies and Ducks trading outs, then the Ladies lit up the scoreboard with 4 runs leading to another victory in the end. Ducks win 5-1 and this moved them to 10-0 on the season, Recap

Day 3- 2/19

The 19th was the first day of the Baylor invitational, the Ducks would play a 5 games series against #7 Baylor (they'd play twice), #25 Tulsa, North Texas and Abilene Christian.
To open it up the Ducks would face against #7 Baylor, a long stalemate would end after a productive 7th inning, Ducks would win 4-1, Recap

Day 4- 2/20

The 20th was a double header day, where the Ladies would open the day playing Abilene Christian, and close against #25 Tulsa. Game 1 The Ducks attack quick putting a run up on the board in the First Inning. The 3rd is a big inning with 4 run, but close out the game winning in a dominating 8-0, Recap
Game 2
The Double Headers continue as the Ladies face #25 Tulsa. Ducks strike first in the 3rd scoring 3 runs. Ducks win 4-2, Recap

Day 5- 2/21

Last day of the Baylor invitational would have the Ladies playing another Double header, first game would be against North Texas, and a rematch against #7 Baylor.
Ladies would finish 1-1 on the day:
Ducks win over North Texas, Recap
Ducks fall to #7 Baylor, Recap
Darw Opponent Score
Feb. 17 Houston 2-0
Feb. 17 Houston 10-5
Feb. 18 Sam Houston State 14-4
Feb. 18 #22 Texas A&M 5-1
Feb. 19 #7 Baylor 4-1
Feb. 20 Abilene Christian 8-0
Feb. 20 #25 Tulsa 4-2
Feb. 21 North Texas 9-0
Feb. 21 #7 Baylor L-2-1
Ladies are currently 14-1 overall on the season and will travel to San Diego for the San Diego Invitational on Friday Feb. 27 for a 4 game series against, St. Johns, Florida, San Diego State, and Grand Canyon. The game against Florida will be the biggest of the weekend since Florida is the current #1. It is currently scheduled for Friday morning at 1130 am PT.


The men came home to a 4 game series against New Mexico State Aggies. The Ducks would find a lot of success as they sweep the Aggies in the series.
Date Opponent Score Recap
Feb. 19 New Mexico St 3-1 Recap
Feb. 20 New Mexico St 11-3 Recap
Feb. 21 New Mexico St 22-7 Recap
Feb. 22 New Mexico St 6-3 Recap
The Men will play against on Tuesday against Portland before traveling to Goleta, California for a 3 game series against UC Santa Barbara starting on Friday.



Ladies had two games last week against Utah and Colorado. Both games resulted in losses.
Date Opponent Score Recap
Feb. 20 Utah L-66-64 Recap
Feb. 22 Colorado L-84-69 Recap
The Ladies are staying home this week as they prepare to face Cal on the 26 and Stanford on March 1.


The men had a very productive week and a staple win that could help get them into the Big Dance in March. Still a lot of ball to be played as well as the PAC-12 Tournament.
Date Opponent Score Recap
Feb. 18 Colorado 73-60 Recap
Feb. 22 #9 Utah 69-58 Recap
The Men will be on the road this week facing Cal on the 25 and Stanford on March 1. The regular season ends next Wednesday when the men travel to Corvallis to face the Beavers.


I have a couple of articles I found interesting surrounding the team.
Andrew Greif of the Oregonian sat down with Jeff Locke and Morgan Mahalak about the future of the QB position and Vernon Adams.
Bruce Feldman sat down with Vernon Adams to discuss his road to Oregon and the aftermath of his decision at EWU. Link
Lastly, Oregon Acro suffered a loss of teammate Lauren Jones.
Hope everyone enjoys this light reading, and until next week Go Ducks.
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