James Roday dating

All Star Times. COMING SOON. 35 days Dating & Baby Talks Reflect. James Roday's Ex-girlfriend Maggie Lawson: From Reel To Real Life Girlfriend. To say that love does blossom in the set is no joke, looking at how James Roday and Maggie Lawson developed a bond while working on the series Psych. James Roday Married Then-Girlfriend OnScreen! James Roday was dating his co-star Maggie Lawson. The couple started dating on and off-the-screen in 2006. He and then-girlfriend, Maggie recreated their affair on-screen in Psych. In the TV series, James and Maggie portrayed the role of Shawn Spencer and Juliet O'Hara. What happened between Maggie Lawson and James Roday? Maggie and James met when they were filming “Psych”, and continued dating in the following period. At first, their relationship seemed to be working out pretty well, however, the surprising news hit the media when it was announced that the off-and-on-screen couple broke up their ... Tidbits About James Roday and Maggie Lawson’s Relationship. Although Maggie Lawson started her acting career in 1996, three years before James Roday kicked off his career, it was in 2006 that their paths first crossed. At the time, they both worked together on the set of the TV series, Psych. In the series, they had an on-screen romantic pairing. Introducing James Roday Rodriguez!For the first 21 years of his career, the Psych star went by his first name and a made-up last name. But now, he has started to use his birth name professionally ... James Roday has been in 2 on-screen matchups, including Maggie Lawson in Fear Itself (2008) and Rachael Leigh Cook in Psych (2006). James Roday is a member of the following lists: American film actors, American television actors and American television directors. Contribute. Help us build our profile of James Roday! Meanwhile, the actor has a dog named Spaceman who appears to be his best friend. James often shares his pet's pictures on social media. James Roday And Maggie Lawson Split After 7 Years. James Roday and Maggie Lawson first met in 2006, on the sets of American comedy series Psych. They were an on-screen couple who soon turned their romance off ... Who is James Roday dating? James Roday is currently single, according to our records.. The American TV Actor was born in San Antonio, TX on April 4, 1976. Became known to audiences for his role as the observant psychic impersonator Shawn Spencer on USA’s Psych. James Roday’s Girlfriend. James Roday is single. He is not dating anyone currently. James had at least 1 relationship in the past. James Roday has not been previously engaged. He began dating actress Maggie Lawson in 2006. According to our records, he has no children.

Kwpluckett #57 : Into the Dark: Treehouse (2019)

2020.08.27 09:31 kwpluckett Kwpluckett #57 : Into the Dark: Treehouse (2019)

Challenge started: 5/18/2020 Date Watched: 8/26/2020 Runtime: 90m Rating: TV-MA Watched on: Hulu Rotten Tomatoes: %50 Imdb rating: 4.8 Genre: Horro Thriller Directed by: James Roday Rodriguez 
Google synopsis:
Chef Peter Rake runs from a scandal to his parent's vacation home; but he still has debts to repay as he learns about the power of women.
My thoughts:
I'm really disappointed in this movie. First, I didn't realize that this is a movie series that hulu produced. (So it's kind of cookie cutter, made-for-TV-ish.) And though I did not have any expectations going into watching it, coming out, I felt like I should have... This movie is hard to watch and more importantly, its hard to listen to. This is disheartening because, unfortunately, this movie has alot to say.
This movie starts out as a horro Thrille cabin-in-the-woods mystery and somewhere along the way inserts me too. While these tools with me too come across in this context as warranted, inventive, meanigful, and even necessary, the film's message gets derailed and becomes incoherent. It comes off as disingenuous, stereotypical, clichéd, non-committal, aggressive and even tone-deaf. It's not sincere. Rather, the film comes across as trying really hard to be clever, even semi-breaking the 4th wall to remind you you're watching a hulu original. (Yikes.)
The main character is a douche, and all the female (Antagonists?) characters are clichéd, stereotypical, and not likeable. And poor Lonnie... why is he even in the movie? Also, why do a group of women doing wild stuff in the woods always have to be called witches? Just saying...
Anyways, I feel this movie should have been better. Honestly I think they'd do better just by trying a little less to be so damn clever. The pseudo-woke vibe comes off really heavy-handed and poor. This is the first hulu original I've seen and I'm really hoping it's not indicative of the quality I can expect from others.
I'll give Treehouse.... a 2 out of 5.
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2020.08.22 13:53 finnagains Comcast and NBC Universal’s Peacock: A strange bird - 31 July 2020

Do we need yet another television network/movie studio/cable station conglomerate turned into a streaming service whose perhaps major contribution is to put its back catalogue online?
This question is prompted by the conservative cable network Comcast’s launching of Peacock, its entry into a crowded field. The name summons up the NBC logo and is designed to invoke fond memories of that network which Comcast bought to combine with the Universal film studio to challenge the likes of Netflix, Amazon, Disney+, AppleTV+ and HBO Max in what is becoming an increasingly polluted field.
These “hyperconglomerates,” media giants combining telecommunications, satellite systems, and digital delivery and transmissions, are often reactionary in nature. AT&T, the parent company of HBO Max, called “the most Republican of any publicly traded company” has long pushed for increased business deregulation and deeper tax cuts. Comcast, now spreading its tentacles across the world with its acquisition from Rupert Murdoch of the main European satellite service Sky, only recently withdrew from the think tank ALEC which promoted the murderous and racist stand-your-ground laws and is involved in a voter ID campaign to disqualify Black voters.
The answer to the question of Peacock’s relevance, given what has been proposed to anchor the channel so far, is a resounding no. The streaming service flagship series is Brave New World, based on the Aldous Huxley dystopian novel. Peacock is using the old cable model of trying to make a splashy debut with a high-powered series which will conceal the fact that most of the content, as is always true on cable channels, is not new but simply cable-ready reruns of old shows and movies. A major draw here is The Office whose, at times, brutally honest look at corporate culture has made it one of the most watched shows in the world. The show ran on NBC but at this moment is still lodged in Netflix and won’t premiere on the streaming service until January 2021.
There will supposedly be an Office reunion episode which is designed to make viewers remember the magic of the highly satirical and often hilarious series. However, if the 30 Rock reunion is any indication, what it will do instead is evoke anger as viewers of the 30 Rock “reunion” thought they were tuning into an hour-long, double-the-length, episode of the series and instead got what was predominantly an extended infomercial for Peacock with some bits from the series sprinkled around the promos.
Instead of fond memories, the show might have made viewers question how hard-hitting or edgy 30 Rock, whose title celebrates NBC’s corporate headquarters, ever was to begin with. The series was always made up more of slight jibes rather than actual pokes at the industry. It didn’t bite the hand that fed it in the way that actual satires of the industry such as The Larry Sanders Show or Episodes did. Instead it sprinkled magical fairy dust over a network that had been largely out of touch since The Office ended, perennially caught between the aging conservative heartland audience of CBS and the hipper, female, urban and sometimes progressive audience of ABC. For the better part of a decade it has not been able to make up its mind what it was, while frequently blandly floating between the two poles.
The stellar program on the network at the moment is Seth Meyer’s Late Night. His segment “A Closer Look” (available on YouTube) has become, in the COVID lockdown, much harder hitting at it pounds away at Trump, Senate Republicans and police and paramilitary strong-arm tactics in the streets. Increasingly grabbing the spotlight, though, especially in the wake of the Black Lives Matter protest, has been one of its writers, Amber Ruffin, whose recounting as a Black woman of her daily humiliating and intimidating experiences with the police was a series highlight.
Brave New World or Cowardly Old One?
The funniest and baldest satirical moment on network TV this season was Seth and Amber’s faux “trailer” for White Savior, a sendup of trash like The Green Book where Meyer’s white guy constantly appears to take the credit and get the attention for the hard work Ruffin’s characters carry out. At the end of the bit it’s Meyer’s liberal sitting on the bus who invites Ruffin’s Rosa Parks to “take a seat” next to him, hogging the limelight in her challenging of racial inequality. Amber Ruffin’s show on Peacock is being rushed into production and, given the lack of quality material on the service so far, it can’t come fast enough.
Getting Huxley completely wrong
Which brings us to Brave New World (soon available on Sky in the UK), a soft-focus gauzy mess of a show that gets Huxley completely wrong, turning his criticism of the way technology in the wrong hands is capable of promoting conformity into instead an Ayn Rand-, Trump-like paean to narcissistic and suicidal individualism. There is indeed a way the novel could be effectively updated in the digital age to talk about how all experience is being flattened by monopolistic entities like Amazon and by streaming services like Peacock. But that might be hitting too close to home.
Instead the series has the ultra-rich mainly worried that they can’t have multiple dates with the same lover as monogamy is outlawed, replaced by titillating soft-focus orgies. Outside this Valley of the Dolls shtick are the poor who live in the Savage Lands in a kind of Mad Max broken-down world. But here, too, their major concern is not that they have no food, shelter or employment, but that they have “lost their individuality,” whatever that means. The satire and description of a devastated world with a rich urban center and an utterly left-for-dead periphery, one where our world is heading, is much sharper and accurate in the teen dystopia movie series The Hunger Games. Compared to it, this version of Huxley doesn’t even have the heft and weight of Netflix’s version of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.
Far more effective and affecting is Peacock’s other revival, the second film of the long-running USA series Psych, titled Lassie Come Home (available on Prime Video in the UK). USA is owned by NBC, as the major network’s owned many of the prime cable channels, but did not own up to that fact, making it appear that cable was a land of plenty divorced from network television when in fact it was dominated by it.
The heart of Psych, a series about a fake psychic detective, was always the repartee between the bumbling would-be Sherlock Holmes Shawn Spencer (James Roday, who co-wrote the film) and his number two, sidekick Gus (the African-American actor Dulé Hill). There is certainly an uncomfortable element to the unequalness of the bantering, with Shawn always coming up with his own names for Gus, barely addressed in the follow-up film as Gus now gets to choose which name Shawn comes up with for him he can tolerate. But their playfulness and knowledge and reveling in the more obscure and degraded back alleys of pop culture can be infectious.
The second film follow-up to the series is built around affectionately honoring a member of the cast, Timothy Omundson, who played Lassiter, the hard-edged official police foil to Shawn and Gus’s lackadaisical but ultimately always more effective sleuths. Timothy Omundson in Lassie Come Home
Omundson had a stroke and was unable to be a part of the first film. This second film is written around him with the stroke, explained in the film as the result of a gun battle, resulting in his actual inability to speak in the former stern voice of the character and his physical paralysis, incorporated into the film. The last sequence has him overcoming both in a way that is touching and heartfelt, a tribute to working with the disabled, who themselves are beginning to demand a place on network television and at the center of modern life.
The sincere, warm sentiment of the cast and writers for the actor and his condition comes through strongly in the series and makes it, in a moment of authenticity, everything the promo hucksterism of the 30 Rock reunion and the misguided banality of Brave New World are not. There is a long way to go before Peacock spreads its wings and displays its colorful plumage—or for that matter even justifies its existence.
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2020.05.30 04:23 tonnie_taller Dulé Hill’s 10 Best Movies And TV Shows (According To IMDb)

Read more on WordPress https://ift.tt/2yM4Tbx
Dulé Hill is a celebrated film and television actor. This impeccably skilled professional has been in the industry for over thirty years now, and his time and talent have afforded him some amazing experiences. Many fans got to know Dulé in his role as Charlie Young on _The West Wing _back in the day.
RELATED: 10 Famous Actors You Never Realized Were In A Lifetime Movie
Others might remember him the most from in his role as Burton “Gus” Guster on Psych. _The fact is, Dulé Hill has starred in a number of other television shows and movies since his first two series as a regular, including several things before his time on _The West Wing. Here are Dulé Hill’s ten best film and television roles, according to ratings on IMDb.

10 Black Monday (7.4)

_Black Monday _is a current series on Showtime that is set in 1987. It all begins on Black Monday, Wall Street’s most devastating stock market crash. Through a comedic lens, some outcasts get to the bottom of how the crash happens. So far, Dulé Hill has been featured in three recent episodes in the role of Marcus Duane Wainwright, III. The show was renewed for a second season.

9 Psych: The Movie (7.5)

In 2017, Dulé Hill and James Roday got to reprise their roles as Gus and Shawn in Psych: The Movie, which aired on the USA Network a few years after the television show finished its first run. The movie is not nearly as well-rated as the show, and it solves mysteries around blackmail, theft, and a shooting. _Psych 2: Lassie Come Home_ has been delayed, but it is expected to premiere on Peacock.

8 Ballers (7.6)

Hill was seen a few years ago on an HBO show called Ballers, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s comedy about the lives of football players.
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Dulé Hill had a substantial recurring role on this show as Larry Siefert, Miami’s general manager. He has played a lot of dramatic roles, so this is a great example of Dulé in a comedy.

7 Ghostwriter (7.6)

Let’s throw it back to the 90s, when Dulé guest-starred on the mystery series _Ghostwriter. _His episode, “To Catch a Creep: Part 1,” was about a student government election for President. One of the candidates has to investigate some leaked secrets about his personal business. Dulé is credited in the episode as “Basketball Boy.”

6 Smart Guy (7.7)

Later in the 1990s, Dulé Hill guest-starred on Tahj Mowry’s _Smart Guy._The sitcom was a great way to display a lot of rising stars back then. Hill played a dance teacher named Calvin Tierney in an episode called “Gotta Dance.”
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Dulé Hill is a skilled tap dancer in real life, and he got to flex those muscles in this episode while flirting with Yvette Henderson (Essence Atkins). _Smart Guy_is now streaming on Disney+.

5 The Ditchdigger’s Daughters (1997, 7.7)

Dulé had a lead role in this 1997 dramatic film. He played Young Donald to Carl Lumbly’s Donald Thornton. The young star even got to work with _High School Musical_‘s_ _Monique Coleman before her Disney career; she played young Donna. The movie was based on the book by Yvette Thornton and told the story of Donald’s work ethic and commitment to his six daughters.

4 Psych (8.3)

Dulé Hill is certainly known for his starring role as Burton Guster (Gus) on every episode of Psych.
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The USA Network dramedy centers on Burton’s best friend, Shawn Spencer, whose sharp crime-solving skills make the police think he is psychic. The show has something of a cult following to this day.

3 New York Undercover-8.5

IMDb’s description of this show reads, “Drugs, robbery, corruption, rape, murder. Cops versus criminals. The undercover war has started. Welcome to New York City.” Hmm… Hill had a small role as Georgie in _New York Undercover’s _1995 episode, “CAT.” The episode is about a drug bust and is rated higher than the show’s overall score of 7.8.

2 Suits-8.5

Suits _aired on USA from 2011 to 2019. Dulé Hill became an important member of the Suits_cast on later seasons as the character Alex Williams, Senior Partner at Litt Wheeler Williams Bennett.
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Hill was a strong attorney and impressed viewers in a total of 35 episodes, going from a recurring character to a series regular in the last couple of seasons.

1 The West Wing (8.8)

Dulé Hill’s breakout role is one of his fans’ favorites: Charlie Young on _The West Wing_ (1999-2006)._ _Charlie begins as President Bartlet’s Personal Aide, but he is so much more than that. Charlie is a valued and respected member of the the president’s staff, but he still experiences the heinous reality of white supremacy when he dates the president’s daughter, Zoey.
Dulé shows his versatility as an actor in this role. He is very solemn when the occasion demands it, but he also has priceless moments of subtle humor. For nostalgic viewers who want to relive Charlie’s journey, the show is still on Netflix.
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2019.03.17 05:14 gladline O’hara (Maggie Lawson) different in season 5??

Along with her slight hair colour change, Maggie Lawson seems to be different in season 5 compared to the previous season but I can’t put my finger on it. I thought maybe she might have had a child over the season break but she doesn’t have any kids... and she was dating James Roday the whole time the show was on... so it’s a mystery to me why she would be different besides just feeling more comfortable in the role. Maybe she smiles less?? Anybody have any insight?
I’m watching the series for the first time. I had never ever heard of the series or seen any of the actors before at all, but now I’m hooked.
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2014.09.05 02:46 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I am Jay Chandrasekhar, joined by Sarah Chalke from the new Amazon pilot "Really" - ask us anything.

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Date: 2014-09-04
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
Is the story of you guys creating beerfest in australia when promoting super troopers true? That story is 100% true. We were at a Beer garden in Australia (wearing our police uniforms) and we went on stage and challenged the top five drinkers in the room to a chug off. The place exploded. We were winning, but then Paul Soter started drinking and we quickly lost. Then we had arm wrestling contests. Then Steve Lemme insulted national treasure, Russell Crow and we had to be escorted out by security. We thought that would be a fun movie. The drinking beer part.
Jay - Did you learn any Bluth family secrets directing "Arrested Development"? Hmm, one. The idea of the show was that there was a camera crew following this family. In one episode , we add a judge address the camera man, "Hey, no cameras in the courtroom." Mitch thought it went a step too far and we cut it. But there was some cool acknowledging of the camera there. There was another one where Tobais is taking off his shorts and he looks at a "Spying" camera and closes a door. Cool show. So funny.
Are you friends with Quentin tarantino? Also, who's your favorite director dead or alive? I am friend with Quentin. He's a big Broken Lizard fan. Great guy and knows more about film than anyone I know. Supposedly there's a Beerfest reference in INGLORIOUS BASTERDS. The SS officer who wears all black in the downstairs bar is holding a beer boot. Quentin called me and had me send the print of BEERFEST to him in Berlin so he could show the cast and crew. Great guy.
Jay, what was it like working with the Jackass crew? Wow. It was a stoke of luck for me. Knoxville and Spike Jonez are true performance artists. Which sounds high fallutin, but what I mean is that they put a lot of preparation into each gag. I drove the car on the route 5 times to make sure I didn't get lost. I shaved my pubes to add to the beard. Very specific, hilarious stuff.
Other than Super Troopers 2 are there any other upcoming Broken Lizard projects? Also, I'd like a Liter of Cola. There was a Burger King in Hamilton, NY where Colgate is that had three sizes, Small, Medium and Liter. I would go in there and order a large. And they'd say, "We don't have large, we have liters." So they'd make us order liters of cola, which I found to be just anti-American. Sorry, Sarah, but it's true. Super Troopers 2 is next. Probably Potfest after.
Hey Jay! Did you help James Roday get the lead role for Psych? And were there any antics on the set like Shawn and Gus would have done in the show? I got James the role of the bad guy driver in Dukes of Hazzard. He was great in it. Sometime after he got PSYCH. Not sure if they were related. He's a world class talent. Roday and Dule are a couple of fun, funny dudes. We went out one night with Urkel and woman would stop at the table not to talk to me, Dule or James, but Urkel. Rip off.
Jay, have you stopped drinking soy milk? What kind of music are you listening to these days? It's nothing but Almond milk for me nowadays. Is that nutty? Thanks, thank you. I'm listening to Manu Chao, the Mexican band. Also, The National. And Wilco. And Joni Mitchell. And Folk Uke (Amy Nelson and Cathy Guthrie's band) - They're hilarious and awesome.
Jay, so have you ever gotten pulled over and recognized as thorny? Quite a bit. Most cops just let me and the other broken lizard guys go. We once got busted for a noise complaint. The cop saw me when I answered the door and he apologized and left. 10 minutes later, 6 more cops showed up and asked if they could party with us. Amazing.
What's on your Netflix queue? "The Battered Bastards Of Baseball." It's about Kurt Russell's father, who started the only independent minor league baseball team back in the 70's. Kurt Russell was on the team and he's in the doc. It's a true story about a real band of misfits.
Hi Jay & Sarah, could you please tell me what your favorite books are? Also, do both of you agree that a crock pot is the greatest cooking device ever invented? I read the GAME OF THRONES books. All of them and they're phenomenal. Also recently read this great detective crime novel called, THE DETECTIVE AND THE PIPE GIRL by Michael Craven. Fantastically written, funny and cool.
There's a crock pot joke in Potfest, so yes, obviously.
Hey Jay! Love Super Troopers and my brother and I snuck into Beerfest. Snuck in because you were too young? Or snuck in because you wanted to rip me off! Hey!
For your cameo in Jackass 2, were you prepared to go farther than you did? Did you have any idea where that skit was going? I was willing to do whatever Spike and Knoxville wanted me to. They said to punch Aaron in the face, but then they switched it to bitch slap. I was grateful, but would have done it.
What is the biggest animal you could beat in a fight? We talk about this all the time. Heffernan believes if he were nude in a room with a pit bull, he could take it. Nude in a room, I think I could take an adolescent wolf. No problem, eyes closed.
Was Super Troopers as fun to make as it looked? Sure, yes. It was really fun. But I didn't know that I knew what I was doing, so I lost 15 pounds from the stress. But we drank and smoked grass every night, and laughed our asses off.
What do you think would be the difference if Jay was in Scrubs and Sarah was in Super Troopers? What role would you each have played? I suppose I would have played Dr. Elliot Reade, though I would have worn my skirts a little shorter. No insult intended, Sarah, but the skirts were a touch long…for my taste (if I were wearing them.)
Hey, both of you! I watched the pilot of Really - good stuff! I'm curious - what did Zev Borow and Henry Griffin actually do? Thanks to them, my new life goal is to become "Guy who helped a lot creatively #1" in the credits of a show, though I'd settle for #2. Also, what do I have to do to see that this pilot becomes a full series? :D. You have to vote 5 stars. Zev and Henry read drafts, discussed plots and jokes and gave notes, both on the script and the edited cuts. Big help. Henry was also there while we were shooting, to give me acting advice. Henry is a great directowriter in new orleans. And Zev is a great writer in L.A.
Jay I loved the Slammin Salmon, and really appreciated the late Michael Clarke Duncan in the movie. You have any funny stories you want to share about your time on set (about MCD or in general)? MCD was a badass. He used to play a game of intimidation, where he'd lean into you and say, "If I were to attack you, could you defend yourself?" When the answer was, "No," he'd look dead serious, "That's what I thought." Later, he would laugh.
Did you actually drink the maple syrup? We did. And I'll never do that again. Two hours later things came out of me that were quite shocking. Like a whole leaf and a fossilized sparrow. Yipes.
Who's your favorite superhero? Wonder woman. She has a pretty great ass.
Sorry. Was just riffing. I'm pals with Lynda Carter, so I love Wonder Woman for her brain, too.
What's up, NoodleDicks? Is Zongo here with us? And do the fans really have a say in whether or not REALLY gets picked up? Because I enjoyed it. Fans do have a say. You have to vote 5 stars for it, though, or they'll can us. Frankly, it's up to you, Nate. It's all up to you.
Yes, please rate it 5 stars.
Jay, what can you say about the new Blue Mountain State movie you're directing? They're raising money, trying to figure out the deals and all that. They're quite confident it'll all get worked out. It will be wild, it will be fun.
Raising money... I thought that's what the Kickstarter that was fully funded + their stretch goal was for? You guys haven't started filming yet? We are negotiating with an investor and we're also going to do a Kickstarter. We haven't started filming, no. We've written 16 drafts, though and are ready.
Hold on. I made a mistake. Blue Mountain State did a Kickstarter and they're raising additional funds. Super Troopers 2 is going to do a Kickstarter and that's the confusion.
Hey Jay. When we get Super Troopers 2 done, we're going to tour together as a group. One of the Kickstarter prizes is going to be us coming to town, doing a show and having a private party screening with the donors.
Hey jay, I saw you smoke on Getting Doug; Have you ever taken a dab? and what is the highest you've ever been? What's a dab? And the highest I've been was on Willie Nelson's bus (the first time). Dear god, that was years ago, and I'm still high.
To both of you, what rolls do you wish you were more well known for? So besides people always talking about Super Troopers and Scrubs, what do you think you're under appreciated for? I think my first film, PUDDLE CRUISER, has been under watched. And I really enjoyed being real. Kind of like our Amazon show, REALLY. Lots of real acting. Very fun.
Watched Really with my husband last night and we laughed throughout the show- and cringed at how drunk he got- we've all got a friend we've seen like that. What was it like when you found out you two would be working together on this? I couldn't believe Sarah Chalke would actually work with me, let alone play someone married to me. She's a phenomenally funny, pro and she makes everything on screen better. I'm lucky. And thanks for watching.
So how much exactly for the ZJ/mustache ride combo? Wow, I've got a team of accountants over here trying to value it and they've just sent out for bigger calculators, so...
Last updated: 2014-09-08 23:58 UTC
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2014.01.24 02:32 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: Donald Faison. AMA. All Welcome!

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Date: 2014-01-23
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Questions Answers
Right here. How baked can you be? Dude, you have no idea.
What is the "whitest" thing you do on a regular basis? My wife.
Follow up: are you able to ride a bicycle, or does your eel need a sidecar? I don't know if there's a sidecar big enough buddy.
What do you like more; Weed or Oxygen? I need both to live.
When did you learn to make coffee?? When my brother went away to fight in the war.
Hi Donald, I just wanted to ask about the moment in Scrubs where you broke out into Safety Dance while talking to Carla. Was it the writers idea or yours? Did you have any input? Edit: My highest upvoted comment ever, thanks all. Writers. I'm gonna keep it real with you, I barely knew the song when I did it.
Have you ever drag-raced a Lambo on pills in Miami? No. dude come on.
How accurately did Scrubs capture your real-life bromance with Zach Braff (zachinoz)? It started the whole thing. if it wasn't for scrubs, there would be no bromance.
Your onesie took a long time. Did it become a twosie? Not quite a twosie.
All-time favorite line/dialogue on Scrubs? "It's analgesic. The pills go in your mouth"
It's rumored that you are often "ashy." What advice can you give to people with ashy elbows, knees and scrotums? Coco butter.
Will you be my Bluncle? Yes nephew.
How crazy was Hooch? Dude, hooch is crazy.
If I ever see you in real life, can I jump in your arms and you twirl me around while I yell, "EAAGGLLLEEE!!"? No. i'll flip you.
Besides Zach Braff are you still in contact with the other actors from scrubs? Absolutely.
What was the best part of filming Clueless? Everything. that was the true jump off.
If you could do a buddy cop movie with anyone, who would it be and how many sequels? ZB for the win. we've actually talked about that. by the way i'm typing now.
Is your head so shiny that I can see my face in it? No, but my balls are.
Hi! What animal would you like to be reincarnated as? A brown bear.
Hi Donald. Do you ever encounter fans that you inspired to become doctors/surgeons? No, but i meet a lot of doctors that say scrubs got them thru medical school. That's kind of cool.
DONALD. What's your favourite thing that's ever happened to you. Ever? Well since my wife is typing for me I'm going to say "my wife"
(and i second that!)
Mrs. Faison... How do you feel about the bromance between your husband and Zach Braff? Will you ever be fully satisfied knowing the best you could be is second place? I'm used to it.
One celebrity you really want to meet? Harrison ford.
Did you click with Zach Braff when you first met on the set of scrubs? If not then when did you two get so close? Also, are you as close in real life as you were on scrubs (please say yes). P.S your singing voice is angelic. Yes, it was love at first sight.
He Donald, huge fan of your work. What is your favorite episode of Scrubs? The one with the doodoo song.
Hey, Thanks for taking time out to do this AmA. I was wondering what your favorite role has ever been, and what made it so much fun? I truly liked every experience i've had. i'm very appreciative to be in the projects i've been in, but if i had to choose one role, most definitely Petey Jones.
Are we going to see another musical duet with you and Zach a la Baby it's cold outside? I hope so...
Why did they have to kill off the black guy first in Skyline? I know, right?
Who other than Zach Braff do you hang out with (as far as celebrities go)? I have to say you’re filmography is fantastic and it continues to get better, is there a role (movie/tv show, whatever) that you've always wanted to try out? Is there one that you regret at all? All I need is Zach.
Did you or Zach get to keep Rowdy and/or Steven ? I wish.
Whats your favorite place to eat? Dupar's for breakfast, brunch and brinner.
Let's talk about how great Black Stormtrooper is. Then let me ask, are you currently working with Seth Green on anything new? Or doing different animation stuff? I sometimes intern at seth's company, stoopid buddy studios.
Were the braces in clueless real or just for the movie? Just for the movie. i actually still have them.
In a beach volleyball game, a la Top Gun, against James Roday and Dule Hill (from Psych), which team would win? Also, would you guys be Maverick and Goose or Ice Man and Slider? We would crush them. and they know it.
What was the worst thing about working on Scrubs? The hours.
Who's your favorite bromance in TV besides you and JD? Gilligan and skipper. and richie and the fonz.
Hey Donald, been really enjoying The Exes. Who is more fun to work with, Zach Braff or Wayne Knight? Both seem like awesome guys. I love wayne. he's a lot of fun to work with. and i love zach.
Did you honestly think Jason Shepherd was the fur coat king of the Midwest? Frank Jackson's voice: yea...that little bastard tricked the shit out of me.
Donald, Scrubs is what you're best known for... but who still recognises you from Clueless as the pants-too-low boyfriend? I still laugh when I think of the head shaving scene! Clueless is timeless
How often do you put bugles on your fingers? Once.
Wait i've only done it once.
If you could act with one other person, living or dead, who would it be and what would the project be? Harrison ford. star wars.
Can I hang out with you on set even if I don't win the contest? Try to win dude. no one likes losers.
How early in your career was your appearance on' Sabrina the Teenage Witch?' About 5 years in...2 years after i moved to LA.
Scrubs is my all time favorite show, but I was wondering, is there a season that is your favorite? Season 3.
How much did you bring yourself into the role of Turk and how much did you feel that you had to act for it? There's a lot of me in turk.
Mr. Williams what was it like serving two tours in Iraq and one in Ireland? Wrong reddit buddy.
Was it anywhere near as fun working on the set of Scrubs as you made it seem? Great times.
If you were a LEGO person, what type of person do you think you would want to be? What type would Zach be? Blackstormtrooper bitch.
If you're trying to impress a group of people, what's your go to joke? Do you like tapes or cd's
Can you get me Sarah Chalke's number? Yes - 555-555.
What projects have you been working on recently? And what mischief have you and Zach been up to? You can watch me every wednesday night on TV Land's "The Exes"...And Zach's "Wish I Was Here"... that is the mischief right there.
Just wanted to let you know that we had to watch and study Remember The Titans for our college exams next wednesday... only study I have done! Best quote that you think should always be used? There are a lot of good ones in that movie...i'm not going to do your homework for you.
What was your experience like doing voice acting for Adventure Time? Would you ever consider working with the staff there again? Oh absolutely!
I am white, like really white. How can I best change this image? Tan.
When was the last time you flipped a fan who tried to Eagle you? In london.
If I win the raffle, can we sing a song together? Your choice of song. Yes.
Dogs or Cats? Dogs.
Do you like your sandwiches cut diagonally, horizontally or not at all? Horizontal.
If you only had one testicle would it really make you faster? Doubt it. but anything's possible.
Hey Donald, I have a very important question. How often do you enjoy brinner? Often.
Who is your favorite cast member on The Exes? I love them all. we got a good cast and crew.
Were you aware there is a Faison, NC? Yes. what do you think that means?
What's your favourite thing to do in your spare time? Golf.
Who is your favorite rapper? Hova.
What's your favourite sandwich? Pastrami.
Say, lend me your afro comb. It's a fucking Brush!!
Was the dance you performed to 'Poison' rehearsed or was it freestyling. You're a great dancer btw. Freestyle. that's how i do.
It is rumored you call your anus: "My man pussy." Please explain. You better act like you know!
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2013.09.30 19:11 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I am Gina Gershon, actress promoting things. I play Donatella in House of Versace. AMA!

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Date: 2013-09-30
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Questions Answers
How do you feel about climate change? And by "how do you feel about climate change?" I mean YOU ARE SO FUCKING HOT. My globes keep me warm.
Could you have imagined that we would now see lesbian characters and content everywhere on tv or film when you took on Bound? No. I was told it would ruin my career because "people shouldn't do that." I'm glad that I took on that role.
Have you ever played the Showgirls drinking game? Also, are you a vampire? You haven't aged in 20 years. I have not played the Showgirls drinking game. And yes, I am a vampire.
Bound had some of the hottest scenes ever filmed IMO, is it awkward filming sex scenes? If so, how do you cope or prepare for them? Tequila and chocolate. For Bound I brought Jennifer tequila and chocolate to loosen us both up, because we were both a little nervous. I thought it was the only gentlemanly thing to do.
Hi, Gina! How did your colaboration with Paul Simon come about? And have you been invited to play mouth harp on other albums? I've only played the mouth harp one note in Bound (just cuz the guys wanted me to play it in jail). Paul Simon came about because Herbie Hancock was producing his track, and it was really with Herbie I wanted to play, but when he asked me to play he happened to be producing Paul Simon's track at the time. I've played on several other albums, I played with Christian McBride on his Duets album, I played on one of Rufus Wainwright's albums, I've played with the Scissor Sisters on one of their albums, on one of Leroy Powell's records, my kids record (called Beardo and Baddo: The Good, The Bad and the Hungry) and my own record, In Search of Cleo.
When my book came out, In Search of Cleo: How I found my pussy and lost my mind, the audio version I do the soundtrack with Christian McBride on the bass and me on the jew's harp.
What do you feel you've brought to this incarnation of the teenage mutant ninja turtles? A sense of style, and platinum blonde hair. Donatella would eat pizza, as long as it was made by the finest pizza maker in the land.
There's a Russian porn star who calls herself Gina Gerson. how do you feel about this? Oh, I didn't know. Is she good at what she does?
Showgirls is one of my guilty pleasures! What was it like working with Paul Verhoeven? Very intense. It was a difficult shoot.
Hi Gina, I love seeing you involved in comedy (Eastbound & Down, The Goods, Maron, etc.). Do you have any future plans for more? Just finished a movie with all the SNL people called "Staten Island Summer!" had the most fun EVER. All I want to do is comedy.
There's a truism in acting that comedy is the hardest thing to do. Is that true for you? No, acting in comedies just seems fun. And more organic to me than acting in serious pieces.
What's it like working on a Michael Mann set? He has a reputation for being a real hardass on crews, but how is he with actors? Do you think Cop Rock is due for a comeback? Have you ever wanted to direct your own film? I loved working with Michael. I know he does a zillion takes, but since I trust him so much as a director I actually enjoyed it. Should Cop Rock come back? Any singing detective show should come back. Absolutely, I would love to direct something of my own. I'm just figuring out what that is.
I just watched "Killer joe" for the first time...The scene with the chicken leg...Holy shit that was intense, weird and sorta erotic. just wanted to say nice work and to ask if it was as weird for you to do it as it was to watch? I would say it was probably WEIRDER to do than it was to watch. A very unpleasant scene.
Was the pool sex scene in Showgirls hilarious when you first saw it? It was pretty weird to watch.
When creating a character, does it affect your process if they're based on a real person (like Donatella Versace)? Donatella's been heavily caricatured and parodied before, do you have a temptation to take her in a camp direction or is naturalism your goal? Do you have a process for memorizing scripts? For this project, it was essential not to make a caricature of Donatella but to flesh out a person that represented her truthfully. This is a pretty intense story about her family and her downfall after her brother died and herself picking herself up, finding her own voice, and thriving in this world. I don't have a process for memorizing scripts. I just work on it, and then the next thing you know, you know it! So every process is different.
Did you sleep with President Clinton? No, absolutely not. Don't believe what you read in Vanity Fair. That was an upsetting rumor. I only have the utmost respect and admiration for President Clinton and his fantastic wife, the great former secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
Who are your favorite authors? Screenwriters? Favorite books? I love Nabokov, Dostoyevsky, Paul Auster, Rilke, whoever wrote the Bible (whatever his name is), I like C.S. Lewis too. Emerson, I think he's a pretty great writer, to name a few.
Favorite books? I love A Wrinkle in Time, Lolita, Brothers Karamazov, Crime & Punishment, The Uses of Enchantment, The Final Testament of the Holy Bible by James Frey.
Were you ever up for a role in a comic book movie? If so, which role? I wish! All I want to do are comic book movies. I've done the voice of Catwoman on the Batman series, and I played the Playing Mantis voice in the Spider-Man series. But so far no comic book movies. Keep your fingers crossed.
Physically, you remind me of a female Elvis. Have you ever heard that before? Yes. I have. I think that's awesome. It must be the snarl when I sing. But that is a great compliment.
off - think you are fantastic. Saw you do The Vagina Monologues in NYC years ago and had an amazing time - you are just as gorgeous in person as on screen!! Which role that you did not play do you wish you had played? (film or otherwise) What is your favorite alcoholic beverage? Silver Tequila. Jane in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.
Thanks for doing this AMA. As an actress who has maintained her beauty and expanded her roles through the years, what is the one role we would be surprised to find you wanted but did not get? Who is the funniest person you have ever worked with on a movie or show, just everyday funny? I really wanted Oprah's role in the Butler. But it was Oprah. So they didn't give it to me (just kidding).
I've had the good fortune of working with TONS of funny people. I would say the list would be: Larry David, Jeff Garlin, Dennis Leary, Cecily Strong, Danny McBride, Bobby Moynihan, Michael O'Brien (new SNL cast member, funny as shit), just to name a few. Oh and I did Marc Maron's show too. He was hysterical as well.
I have to say it: I've enjoyed your work in film for many, many years and think your acting is always amazing. It doesn't hurt that you're one of the most beautiful women alive. Thanks for being you. The question: Do you ever get tired of the Showgirl questions? You've done so much more, in much better films, yet Showgirls always comes up. Are you okay with it, or do you sometimes wish you never made the film? I'm glad I made the film, and yes, I get sick of the questions.
What is one actoactress you would absolutely love to work with that you haven't already worked with? Cate Blanchett.
What kind of shit do you have to tell us? And what things are you promoting? Will you ever musically tour again? I hope I musically tour again! I have to write some more music first. What kind of shit do I have to tell you? I'm just answering questions man! Ask me something! And what I'm promoting is House of Versace which airs October 5 on Lifetime.
You were my favorite part of How to Make it in America (You're Beautiful), wish it wasn't canceled! How was your experience with HBO and the cast? I had a fantastic time. I was really bummed out when the series got cancelled. That was an awesome gig.
Have you ever passed on a role and regretted it? If so, what was the movie? I really wish I could have played Eve in All About Eve, but I wasn't born yet.
Update: I wish I could have played the role of Mammy in Gone with the Wind, but they said it might hurt my career (I don't know why I listen to these people!).
What burning question(s) do you have for your fans, if any? What movies would you want to see me in? What would you want to see ME play?
I'd love to see you play Catwoman. But that probably can't happen. Yea, me too. I was just the voice unfortunately. But I'd like to guys to all start a Betty White-style campaign to help me host SNL. Y'all did it for Betty White. If you could do the same for me, I'd be super appreciative.
Upcoming Movie? You can cement your legacy by appearing in the next Star Wars film, and for TV, I would love to see you in The Walking Dead as a kickass survivor. Well, start tweeting!
How did you prepare for your famous scene in Killer Joe? I didn't. I specifically said I didn't want to talk about it or I didn't want to think about it, I just wanted to do it. Once.
I just wanted to say thanks! I was 13 when "Bound" came out, and wow, very important movie in my life. :) You and Jennifer Tilly are pretty easily the most beautiful female couple in cinematic history (in my obviously biased opinion). Did you actually get along, or was it just business as usual? Are you still friends? Jennifer and I happily became great friends from that movie, and we continue to be great friends as we speak. I love her.
If someone came to you and said "We will give you whatever budget you need, full creative control, etc," what would you do? Do you have some personal dream project? I do. I would say, "thank you", take the money, and then make something that would freak you out and blow everyone away. But I don't want to say what because I'm superstitious.
You were hilarious in Curb Your Enthusiasm! what was it like working with larry david? Super-fun. We laughed a lot.
Absolutely love your work. I have always wanted to ask you -- with both showgirls and bound -- did you actively seek out lesbian leaning roles or did you just happen to get cast that way? Finally, Face/Off -- that brother and sister kiss was really awkward. Another intense sexually suggestive moment in your career. After doing specifically these moments, do you ever feel that maybe producers and filmmakers think of you as the go to girl for envelope pushing scenes? I have no idea for your last question. I have no idea how I get cast in any of these things. I guess people ask me and I just say yes if I like it.
Which actor or actress that you've had the honor of locking lips with is the best kisser? I do not kiss, judge, and tell. I am not the Yelp of kissing.
What is the best advice you ever got from a director, and who was it from? David Mamet once told me "learn to direct yourself." I thought it was a cynical reply at the time, but as it turned out, it was great advice.
What was it like working with John Woo and watching yourself die onscreen? I loved working with John Woo. I think he's a fantastic director. I wish he would do a musical.
It's always fun to watch yourself die onscreen. My mother doesn't seem to agree, though.
I love Jennifer. We laughed a lot.
What are your top three artists you love listening to? That's a tough question, I have so many artists I love listening to. The first three in my head: Elvis Costello, Tom Waits, and Annie Lennox.
What would you be doing if you weren't so successful as an actress? Hopefully writing great books or making great music or painting really cool things.
Hi Gina! Alexis told me to come say hi to you! What's your favorite song by Garth Brooks? The one where he wears the hat.
Will any of your upcoming projects be showing at any upcoming festivals? Sundance misses you! And how is Master Cleohold? :3. I miss Sundance as well! I never know which movie will end up there. Master Cleohold is fine, although he is getting up there in years.
You should come back soon, if only to ski. He's still a handsome guy, from what I've seen on instagram. I like when he pops up in pictures over there. Aw thank you. He is a handsome devil.
You're aging gracefully, to put it mildly (...ahem), What's been your experience in the old story about female actors over 40 having more difficulty getting good roles?. It seems like there are less and less roles the older you get, but I guess I've been lucky because my roles seem to be getting more interesting. Maybe it just forces us to write our own parts.
Do you ever walk into a bar or a restaurant and pretend that you're not Gina Gershon, just someone that happens to resemble her, just to fuck with people? I only do that when someone is not sure if it's me, and I just pretend I'm not me, because at that moment I'm not really me.
You were on my favorite episode of Psych. Are James Roday and Dule Hill bffs in real life? And how was it working with them? I have no idea if they are best friends or not. But they are both super-nice. I had a really fun time on that shoot.
Do you think your roles in Showgirls and Bound, with their lesbian qualities, kept you from landing more mainstream roles? As though Hollywood pigeon holed you? People seem to think so. I have no idea.
Would you appear on season 3 of how to make it in america, if it ever happens? Of course! I loved working on that show.
What attracted you to the role of Donatella? When I actually read the book that it was based on, I found the family drama quite compelling. And there was so much about her that I didn't realize that I came to respect her, and thought she would be quite challenging to play.
What television show or movie would surprise us that you love to watch? The Partridge Family reruns, whenever possible.
Which actor or actress have you worked with, that had/has a reputation for being difficult, but you found them to be the complete opposite? Raquel Welch. I love her. She's sweet and sassy and everything you want her to be.
Films based on fairy tales is still quite popular, at the moment, is there any fairy tale role that you would like? I would like to be the witch in any of the fairy tales.
Showgirls was the first thing I saw you in. Seeing Jessie Spano naked was huge for me as a teenager. What was it like doing one of the most mainstream NC-17 ever? I was just disappointed that it was an NC-17. I don't think it should have been. It would have done better as an "R."
Which locals treated you the best when you were out on location filming? Hard to say. I find people to be really nice wherever I go.
If you could pick any role that you've done where you could be that person in real life, which role would you pick? With the characters I play, I'm really happy I'm not any of them! I'm very happy in my own life, thank you.
A couple of questions about acting in general: Do you typically stay in touch with friends you make during a shoot, or does the nature of the job tend to make that difficult? How much of a given day on a TV shoot do you spend getting ready (make-up, costume, etc) versus time on-set shooting? I keep in touch with the people I really want to keep in touch with. Depends on the role, and how much make up is needed to determine how much time is on set.
Does McConaughey really run/work out all the time? I'm not sure. You will have to ask him. He seems like a pretty healthy guy.
Were there any roles in television shows that you turned down so that you could focus on your film career, that you later regretted passing on? There have been a lot of things I've passed on that in retrospect maybe I shouldn't have, but in retrospect maybe it was the exact right thing to do.
Can I take you out for dinner sometime? No. Thank you, but my boyfriend insists that I don't go out with strangers from the internet.
I've seen you in a few things with Denis Leary over the years, which made me assume that you guys were friends outside of the film/TV business. Is that true and, if so, what was it like filming the awkwardly funny sex scenes in Rescue Me? You were great in that role, by the way. I love Dennis. He has been a great friend and kind of big brother to me at times. It's great to work with him just so we can see each other and hang out, and yes, it was definitely a little awkward doing a sex scene with him. Luckily it was supposed to be kind of a funny scene.
Gina, you were my first "hollywood" crush when I was a teenager. I have since grown into a dashing, funny, 6'8" tall man with whimsical charm and an eye for dance. When can we have our first date? I've sworn off internet dating. But thanks anyway.
Would you feel happier if your son was Nicolas Cage? It would kind of freak me out, since we're basically the same age. It means I would have been a VERY young mother.
Watching your lesbian scene with Jennifer Tilly at 3am on showtime with the volume turned all the way down and my parents asleep turned me into a man. Just wanted to say thanks. Cool!
Question 1: what is your favorite acting role. 1 I don't have a favorite. I've been very lucky and I've gotten to play a lot of eccentric, interesting weirdos.
As a lesbian I want to thank you for doing Bound. I was a freshman in high school when it came out and I was figuring out my sexuality. Having a main stream movie with that aspect in it was amazing to see. Thank you! Edit: Thanks for the gold anonymous internet stranger! You are welcome. You are most welcome. I'm glad I could help.
Ver-SASE. Ver-sa-chay. Or like Che Guevara. Versace.
Well, start tweeting! Don't you want me to host SNL? Help pull a Betty White and start tweeting!
We're playing angleball at the park this evening. Do you want to play with us? It's a coed sport... sheesh you people have dirty minds :p. I would love to, but I'm a little under the weather and kind of tired. Thanks anyway though.
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2013.05.22 21:41 tabledresser [Table] This one better work! I am Dulé Hill, I play Gus on Psych and now I am on Reddit ...I think. AMA!! That's What I'm Talking About

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Date: 2013-05-21
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Link to my post
Questions Answers
So, you hear about Pluto? That's messed up right? It is!!
Hi Dule! When can we expect you and James to host SNL? I've been waiting for that for years! We would love that!! I think that is a question for SNL!
Also, this episode "remake", can you at least tell us what season the episode is from? It is possible that season 8 will be the last. It's been a great run!! But any thing is possible, the Psych'os have a lot of sway!
Sidenote: HUGE Congrats to Maggie Lawson!! We are all so excited for her and I can't was to see her shine even more on her new show!
I wanted to thank you Dulé Hill, because I've been watching Psych since 2006, and for the past 7 years I've been given all the Psych dvds. I did watch seasons 1-3 on tv. MY favorite Gus interaction, is when you pose as Shawn's lawyer at the childrens' karate class. Now, I have a few questions. Do you have a favorite interaction like this? Are you working on anything outside of Psych, that would interest fans? Thanks again for doing this, could you convince any of the other Cast maybe like James Roday, or Kurt Fuller? The lawyer and the karate class was a fun one. I also like the one from Scary Sherry where Gus was looking for his lost cat Mrs Pickles!
Tim Omundson told an interesting story about his Psych auditions. Anything interesting about your auditions? My understanding is that Roday was cast 1st. Is that right? Were you cast second? Yes and even though he had the job already, he came to my house to help me prepare for my network test. I was really humbled by that gesture.
What's your favorite inside joke from Psych? Thanks for doing the AMA. By far "3 Hole Punch" - Which I guess really isn't an inside joke anymore huh?
I just read on IMDB about that. Is it ok if I see you in the street I yell that? Or would you rather me just fist bump you? Either one!
Hi Dule, I'm a huge fan. Thanks for doing this AMA. What kind of relationship do you and the other actors have away from the show? Are Fries Quatro Queso Dos Fritos a real thing and are they as amazing as they look? My pleasure! It was a little complicated getting on here but I'm getting the hang of it. 1) We are all very close, we love hanging out off set. Especially in NY. 2) You know, I'm really not sure.
Are you going to do that suck it thing where you guys end up singing it? My friend and I do it in public and get the funniest reactions. You know it! There will be more Suck iiit's in season 8!
What is your favorite "Gus don't be a" moment? The first time ever I saw your face, the only black lead on basic cable, this crevice in my elbow.
Which alias for Gus is your favourite? Always the first. "Gus Sillypants Jackson" - This one started it all!
Can you bring back the Jackal Switch in Season 8? I want more Jackal Switch. Sounds like a plan! I'll try to make it happen!
Hello! First of all, the physical comedy in the episode "Office Space" was one of the funniest things I've ever seen. 1) Tim Omundson 2) Yes 3) This is a hard one. Somewhere between Charlie Young & Burton Guster Probably because I've played them the longest!
Two questions for you: 1) Any negative backlash from Deon Richmond for you stealing his "Bud" thunder? 2) Is James Roday's hair really that magnificent in person? Thanks for doing this AMA Mr. Buttersnaps, you're awesome! Not at all! Deon and I have been friend's since we were teenagers. He is loving the shout out! Hopefully, we can get him on the show before we finish. 2) Ha! Yes.
Who comes up with most of the Shawn-Gus interactions, like Suck it and come on son? Is it you, him, or someone else? Most of the time it's the both of us. We'll be on set, something will make us laugh and then we'll do it on camera. The 1st "suck iii" in harmony was definitely because it was late, we were delirious from fatigue and we cracked ourselves up so we kept doing it in the take.
Quick question; Who is the guy on the season 2 DVD cover? Link to i.imgur.com. Ha!!! We asked the same question.
On a scale of 1 - 10 how creamy is your voice in person? It all depends on how much milk and ice cream I have.
2 questions. Who is your best friend IRL. Where does the lotion go? Best Friend? - my brother. Lotion? Alll over.
Which episode of Psych did you enjoy filming the most? I would have to say Clue!
So I've got to ask: West Wing and Psych are such completely different shows. Have you enjoyed one over the other? They both have complimented each other. The experiences have been completely different. I don't know if any show will top TWW in terms of experiences. Just because of the subject matter we had some amazing times! Meeting Presidents, playing basketball in front of the White House, bringing my grandmother to the Oval Office. But Psych fans are the greatest and I have LOVED the interaction!
I've seen you tweet Bible verses. Are you a Christian? If so, what's it like being a Christian in the entertainment industry? Yes I am. I guess its the same as being a Christian any where else. We are all on a journey trying to do our best and figure it all out.
Did you expect to be asked so many questions? Ha! Nope. I don't know if I 'll be able to keep up but its fun!
You've had most of the cast of She's All That on Psych but when is at Gabriel Union going to make an appearance? Also banana pudding with Nilla wafers or Key Lime Pie? It would be great to have Gab on Psych but she is extremely busy with her new show and films. Maybe if I tell her she can slap me like she did on The West Wing she'll make it happen ;)
Hey man! I'm a huge fan! I can't believe I'm actually at an AMA on time for once! My question is: What is everyone like on set? How are Timothy, Maggie, and James? Thanks for doing the AMA!!! Everyone is a blast to hang around! We pretty much spend all day making each other laugh or messing each other up!
Thanks for the ama, been watching since the first season. What is the most memorable food you have eaten on the set of Psych? Is Quatro Queso Dos Fritos really that good? The pie in Dual Spires ... maaan, it was delicious!!
So excited to hear about this episode remake - anything more you can tell us?? Is it another POV, a story change, jokes that didn't make the first cut..? Nope. I probably said more than I should've already but I know its going to be a fun one!
Who do you look up to? Whoever is taller than me.
Are you as smooth as Gus is on Psych? Or better? Gus would say no, I would say yes ;)
Dule, (wonderful, unique name by the way) any recent movies or upcoming movies for you that we should watch?? Also, I loved you in Psych. Come on son! That's a given. I haven't really done many movies lately. I did a cameo in Miss Dial starring Robinne Lee & Sam Jeager; I also quickly show up in James Roday's "Gravy" like the pineapple does on Psych. Well, maybe a little longer than that but you know what I mean! :) Hopefully I'll do some more films soon!
One of the biggest charms for me (and I think many) with Psych, is the life-long-buddies relationship between yourself and James Roday. What is your relationship with him like off set? On that same thread, do you keep in touch with any of your West Wing cast mates? I stay in touch with a lot of TWW cast, Allison Janney, Josh Malina, Richard Schiff, Rob Lowe, Brad Whitford, Martin Sheen...it's hard to spend so many years with a bunch of people and not stay in touch after. I love them all dearly.
So how was it transitioning form a serious show like The West Wing to Psych? You have played many different roles, and I was just wondering, as an actor, how you change mindsets? The hardest part was getting use to the improv. With Aaron Sorkin's work, you stick the script. His writing is so brilliant, that when you do stick to the script, it all comes to life so beautifully. When I came to Psych I had to get use to the genius that is James Roday. He was come up with so many brilliant things that were not on the page, I had to learn go with the flow. I have loved both approaches! It's fun to go back and forth!
Thanks for doing an AMA, Dule. What would Charlie think of Gus? Years ago he would tell Gus to lighten up. Now he would think he was cool but kinda crazy. Especially if Charlie saw Gus trying to pick up a lady.
Hey Dule! I love all of your work, and I'm a huge Psych fan (and a huge fan of Gus' signature button-down shirts). It seems like a really fun show to work on. I missed Stick Fly and am still bitter about it. Any future plans for more Broadway work anytime soon? I hope to return to Broadway soon! I love doing theater!!
What are your favorite TV shows right now? The Following and I am about to start catching up on Game of Thrones as soon as I am done with this AMA.
How does the improved bits on the show come to be? ex. Shawn Struggling to sit in last weeks episode. Also do you watch the shows every Wednesday? It's a collaboration of everyone on set really. We go with the flow and see what happens.
Hey Dule! I am a huge fan!! Is there anyway you could convince James to join the social networking world?! (Twitter, Facebook, Reddit) it would be awesome to get an AMA from him too. My other question is what is the weirdest thing a fan has ever done for you? Twitter may be coming soon! But don't expect him to be a tweetaholic like me.
What is your favorite food? Color? Weather? Food? too many to choose one. Jerk Chicken, Sushi, Pancakes Color - It seems like Blue Weather - warm sunshiny days.
What was it like working with Jaleel White? When you're not acting, what do you do for fun? A blast. JW is an old friend so its always a good time when we get to connect. Hopefully, we'll work together again soon!
Which is your favorite "Shawn and Gus bickering" moment? Also, suck it. The one from season one or 2 where we were making bird noises.
What is the most uncomfortable thing you've had to do or say on Psych? Probably on the pharmaceutical terms whenever Gus puts on that hat.
What's your favorite 80s movie/song? Any you'd like to see mentioned on Psych (that haven't made it thus far)? Can You Feel It - The Jacksons- He Heee!!
Also would love to know how many more shows are left in this season? Any idea how many will be in next season? 2 for this season. Not sure yet how many we are doing for the next.
Who runs that shame on you dule twitter? I always sort of assumed it was one of your costars. I really have no idea but whoever it is...they are hilarious!
Who was your favorite guest star to work with? The next one.
Is there a specific episode that you had so much fun while filming it and you remember it because of that? Also i wanted to tell you how much i appreciate that you guys LOVE what you're doing making every episode even more fun to watch. American Duos. The "Shout" scene as MJ was a blast!
Hey Dulé, on the off chance you'll end up reading this, first off I love you man! My question is: What would you like to do in the near future in terms of movies, TV, or generally working with someone in the business? When Psych is done I would love to do another series. I have been blessed with a lot of success in the medium and I love doing it. Maybe another drama or try out doing a sitcom. I definitely would like to go back to theater soon. It's so much fun and I learn constantly! Film? That's been a tough nut to crack but good thing come to those who wait, so I am hoping to do more in that medium soon!
Would you say you've been recognized more in public for your work on Psych, or The West Wing? Probably more Psych now but it depends on the crowd.
Are you planning on sticking around on Reddit after this is over? You seem to have a pretty extensive social media presence. I'll visit again soon. It's been fun!
I've been marathoning season 7 all day! Cannot wait for the musical episode, do you get to break out your dance moves again? A little bit but unfortunately there is not a big tap number. There was so much to do in a short period of time that adding a big tap number would've been way too much to do.
Would you accept a role as one of the new Ghostbusters in that franchise if offered? I think you'd be great up there! Of course!
Has there ever been anything filmed that did not make the final cut, that you really wish had? I know I have, there is alway things that end up on the cutting room floor.
What's it like on set with the cast and crew? A LOT of laughs
I would have to say Clue! Then American Duos.
I don't have any questions except to say I'm a huge Psych fan and I recently watched Holes and I'm almost done with season 1 of the West Wing, so you are just all up in my life right now, but I'm ok with it. If you're ok with it than I am too ;)
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2013.04.18 03:54 fuzzy_dunnlop [Discussion] S07E08 - "Right Turn or Left for Dead"

Directed by: James Roday
Written by: James Roday
Air Date: April 17, 2013
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2013.04.11 03:51 fuzzy_dunnlop [Discussion] S07E07 - "Deez Nups"

Directed by: James Roday
Written by: Bill Callahan & James Roday
Air Date: April 10, 2013
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2012.12.28 20:21 shap93 Just realized that Shawn and Juliet scored perfect matches for each other in the dating episode, and in reality they are dating.

I was rewatching a few episodes, and noticed in S1 E11 (He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not...) that when Juliet and Shawn are doing the speed dating they scored perfect matches for each other. According to when James Roday and Maggie Lawson say they began dating secretly, it would have been around the time of the episode. I just found it funny that in the show they appear to be perfect matches and in real life they seem to be perfect for each other.
Can't wait for the up coming season to see how their relationship on the show progresses!
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2012.03.14 03:01 lanceicarus Random Notes and Observations: RAW 3/12/2012

Wrestlemania is certainly turning into a huge slam dance, isn't it? We're finally hitting that point where absolutely everything is dominated by the build to Wrestlemania and you know what that means. It's time for three solid weeks of RAW...IS...PROMOS! Be prepared for well over half the show being nothing but people talking about how good they are at wrestling without actually wrestling. There are still a few questions left to be answered though. Who will Team Vickie job out to next? Who will join which GM in the great Midcard War? How many times will a variation of the word "testicles" be used during Cena and Rock's promos (spoiler: a lot)? All these questions and more are commented on in this week's Random Notes and Observations!

So ends another RAW and with it another rambling RNO. See you next week for another edition of the only show that can have alcoholic fathers and an entire concert about testicle jokes in the same hour. Also, keep an eye out for my Wrestlemania Preview article!
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Tube Talk: Dulé Hill Crashes James Roday Subway Interview ... This clip is of the beautiful handsome sexy multitalented- James Roday Awesome radio interview with James Roday and Maggie Lawson ... James Roday: 'Real Genius'? Test Him!  Entertainment ... Psych 2: Lassie Come Home  James Roday, Dulé Hill, & Maggie Lawson James Roday (Shawn Spencer) talks Psych: The Movie at SDCC '17 James Roday and Allison Miller have A Million Little Things in common James Roday & Dule Hill talk about The Miz's guest Shules Relationship Begins - Extradition II: The Actual ... Psych - Interview James Roday, Dule Hill & Steve Franks at Comic Con 2013 (TV Line)

Psych Star James Roday Dating Someone After Break-up With ...

  1. Tube Talk: Dulé Hill Crashes James Roday Subway Interview ...
  2. This clip is of the beautiful handsome sexy multitalented- James Roday
  3. Awesome radio interview with James Roday and Maggie Lawson ...
  4. James Roday: 'Real Genius'? Test Him! Entertainment ...
  5. Psych 2: Lassie Come Home James Roday, Dulé Hill, & Maggie Lawson
  6. James Roday (Shawn Spencer) talks Psych: The Movie at SDCC '17
  7. James Roday and Allison Miller have A Million Little Things in common
  8. James Roday & Dule Hill talk about The Miz's guest
  9. Shules Relationship Begins - Extradition II: The Actual ...
  10. Psych - Interview James Roday, Dule Hill & Steve Franks at Comic Con 2013 (TV Line)

At the end of the episode, Shawn asks Lassiter where Juliet is with the answer 'Clearing her head'. He finds her at a platform overlooking the ocean but she ... James Roday and Dulé Hill play How Well Do You Know Your Psych Co-Star? - Duration: 2:16. The A.V. Club 132,892 views James Roday & Dule Hill talk about The Miz's guest appearance on their show 'Psych' ... Are Dule Hill and Fantasia Dating? - Duration: 5:44. The Wendy Williams Show Recommended for you. 5:44. Shawn (James Roday) and Gus (Dulé Hill) return to Lassie’s side in Santa Barbara and are forced to navigate the personal, the professional, and possibly the supernatural. An AMAZING Acapella performance of James Roday w/ AMLT Costar Alison Miller So this clip that I’m posting is of this very sexy , amazing ,multi talented very very handsome ,scruffy blue-eyed guy ... James Roday discusses what it was like slipping back into the role of Shawn, doing battle with Zachary Levi, and how the story of the movie came together--and more! James Roday talks 'A Million Little Things' and 'Psych' movie sequel with surprise guest Dulé Hill. Follow TVLine on... Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/tvlin... James Roday and Dulé Hill play How Well Do You Know Your Psych Co-Star? - Duration: 2:16. The A.V. Club 132,021 views An awesome radio interview with James Roday who talks about psych and his relationship with girlfriend, Maggie Lawson, who's also interviewed. (half way thro... Psych'' star a quote machine from '80s film, has wild prized pop culture possession. Subscribe to http://bit.ly/EWSubscribe Watch interviews with your fav...