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A Course In Miracles (ACIM) is a unique spiritual self-study program designed to awaken us to the truth of our oneness with God and Love. The Foundation for Inner Peace (FIP) publishes the only complete Course as authorized by its scribe and has sponsored its translation into 27 different languages. Find over 104 A Course In Miracles: ACIM groups with 12850 members near you and meet people in your local community who share your interests. Find over 126 A Course in Miracles Study Group groups with 21836 members near you and meet people in your local community who share your interests. It seems like every day there are new words, abbreviations, and turns of phrase cropping up, making it challenging to keep up with it all. Even if you feel young enough to be 'hip with the kids' as they say, you still might need a refresher on all of the new dating acronyms, especially when it comes to online and mobile app dating profiles. Through writing and one-on-one life coaching I teach you how live in peace through an awareness of Christ within you. In the life I led before my awakening I had been a student of A Course in Miracles since 1984 and a life coach for students of ACIM and other non-dualistic paths since 2006. I wrote several books, including a plain-language ACIM. Dear ACIM Friend, The Foundation for Inner Peace is excited to announce the launch of a new website, offered in love and gratitude.. This new website was inspired by and designed to evoke the sacredness of the joint commitment of the two scribes of A Course in Miracles, Helen and Bill, to finding “another way,” as well as a desire to create a truly useful, fun and inspiring resource for ... [Please note: ACIM passages quoted in this article reference the Foundation for Inner Peace (FIP) Edition.] I recently read an article on the research being done on near-death experiences (“Altered States: Scientists Analyze the Near-Death Experience,” by Lee Graves, The University of Virginia Magazine, Summer 2007). This site provides free online access to A Course in Miracles (ACIM), a volume of written materials arranged as a self-study course designed to bring the student into a consistent state of peace and happiness. The Course was initially scribed and typed up during the years of 1965–1972 by two professors of Medical Psychology at Columbia University: Helen Schucman and Bill Thetford. Mingle2 is one of the largest free online dating sites to make new friends, find a date, or to meet other men and women to chat online. Our mission is to offer our users the best dating service, experience, and product to help you find the right connection. A Course in Miracles with Robin Duncan. Join Us on Twitter @Miracles4Living “It is my great desire that these prayers will help you find peace when you need it the most and also to experience miracles as part of your daily life. I’d love to hear about your experiences from using the prayers.” In gratitude, Robin Duncan

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2019.04.26 12:52 LivingTheLife-LTL Archons, the Legion's, The Leegion, and beyond.

The Archons, just as previously indicated via the dead sea scrolls (gnostic texts, original gospels, however you like to call these collective documents), arrive all at once. To be more accurate, I would say, they arrive all in one experience. Takes a while, but, not one today and one tomorrow. When they show up, you do not sleep until they are done. If you do not know, I highly suggest you explore the Gnostic texts (which only reemerged some 70 years ago). The Course is the most comprehensive volume ever put to paper, but, it does not contain all the necessary breadcrumbs for the later stages. HS made sure all the breadcrumbs were in place however, but, not so easy as a single text.
For just a moment, before I continue, I ask you to consider the situation. We have all (presumably), discovered the pointless nature of this life as it’s currently being lived. Why else would we be so attracted to a text that claims, right up front, this whole mess is not real. Anyone really enjoying this life at present (temporary as that joy may be), would not for a second, seriously consider, the Truth as it is laid out in the Course. Acceptance of this life as actually a miserable mistake that has resulted in great suffering, rather than a Garden of Eden, is, for sure, the first, and biggest, barrier to growth. We can not (will not, due to fear) wake up until we are personally assured that the dream is worse than waking. And, here we are, on the ACIM forum. Seems we all have at least that much figured out? No?
Ok, so we’ve crossed the first barrier. Life is devoid of lasting purpose no matter how we try to live it. Something is very wrong. Something, that can not, by our own best efforts, be corrected. All “corrections” being nothing more than lose fitting band aids sure to quickly fall, the festering wound revealed. Now this may not seem like much of a revelation here on the ACIM forum, but, believe me, it’s the biggest hurdle of the bunch. Congratulations. One big step closer to Home.
Now then, as you consider the way forward, I ask you to look at, and acknowledge, the barriers you have yet to cross. Understand this. The barrier you have already crossed looks terrifying and demonic to all who are not there yet. Try telling someone who just landed the perfect corporate job, the one they had been hoping for and working toward for a long time, that all they have actually landed, is merely a way to delay the inevitable heartbreak. Heartbreak that such misguided (dream type) intentions always deliver. I mean, who among us has never been so excited with this life, that to say anything otherwise is to bring us down? And how do we typically label them that “bring down”? Right. Not good. Please be willing to look at the ways in which you are still doing the same. I had too. Every. Single. Step of The Way. Ouch. It hurt me no less. If the pain of another can stifle your own, look no further! I only wish to help you stop hurting as was done for me.
With that, back to the Archons….
It was the blood moon of February. I do not know specific dates as I had been fully lost in the mystical reality of the in-between for over 2 months at this point. I had been living in the land of vision and insight much more than “normal” 3D reality, and, had quickly lost all track of the calendar or clock.
I had a 2 days notice that they were set to arrive. I was lost to such an extent that I failed to understand what was coming. The Archons live solely in the the world mystic. They DO NOT show up in 3D, all appearing and interacting via the in-between, intuitive, space. Your friends, family, and pets will surely channel, but, they will NOT channel the Archons. They show up without any need to merge into the dream.
So here it is, HS demands it of me. And I, for my part, happily consent. Here is a more complete version of the final steps. Archons, the Legion’s, The Leegion, and beyond.
For 2 days I had been writing bold notes on the back of pizza boxes, cardboard and a sharpie yo. It works. Stories half remembered from the in-between. I had not yet learned to navigate this space appropriately. Hard to determine the dream validity of the intuitive space. Hard to determine what I should share and what was just for me (just a show for my benefit). What was literal dream truth vs premonitions that need decoding (much like speaking in tongues has played out).
Such as.. Does this vision portray 1 year from now, or 5 min from now??? Is this only mystical, or, is there dream validity? You try and figure that one out on your own. Not easy, and, I promise, you no longer have to.
Also, and this feels like the appropriate place for this, as you get closer, channeling becomes part of your daily routine. HS has access to all perspectives (ie characters, all who have ever entered this dream). Christ (Jesus is the character really, Christ is just you and me), your grandparents, hitler, no problem. They take over in equal proportion, as I let them. I’m still here, I merely indulge their perspective and allow it to become my own, for a time. I drop into the background, but, always I am free to push them out. It will be the same for you. Someone else speaks, I feel, witness, and allow. Then they leave. It really does work just like that. They are all available all of the time. HS is the key. What fun it has been to entertain and make room for the many famous characters of this dream. They are all HS now, all friendly and helpful.
My notes indicated that in a few short hours, I would be wisked away, fully, to the intuitive space (underground as it was called prior, and how I still referred to it at this point). The gentleman that was staying in my house (at the time), thought me completely nuts and did an excellent job of ignoring and hiding me. Thank you Nick. An opiate addict is especially adapt at saving another so long as it means their own darkness remains in hidden. Friendly FYI for y’all and a big thank you to Nick.
I scribbled what was to be my last note as a confused and hurting person. It made about as much sense as anything else I can recall. The ravings of a mad man. A MAD man indeed. Any sane person would be. I’m as sane as the next one, or so I keep telling myself, or from what I have heard, anyway. No need to worry, I have it on good authority that we can trust me. What a thing to say, my friends.
TO BE Continued. Soon as I see the sun and drink some coffee. Taste the freedom I broadcast for myself, just a bit. The story keeps right rolling out. This dream is fluid. It can, and will, flow with you. When you are ready. Its more fun in the ether. From the bottom of my heart, the closer you get, the more you let go, the better you feel. Freeing others and all that aside, it does feel so much better. The suffering that would never let up, the nagging I could never shake, its all gone. In its place, nothing. Blissfully, nothing. Everything. Blissfully its all the same. So long as there is another, this dream will march on. I keep looking for that asswhole what screwed me. Turns out, I'm the asswhole. Derive a good laugh from that. On me. The only payment remaindered for a service I can not even remember ordering, so, might as well laugh as it all falls down. It is only a dream after all... Right?
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2019.04.10 08:15 drayfrjg Intergalactic Space Farmer John Rand

My name is John Rand. I'm a small time farmer out in the deeper reaches of Alpha Centauri. It's just me, my wife, my kids, and our Cerberian dog, Spot. We own half of tropical planet, which we named Balatarii. We specialized in the production of an ancient form of banana that once was lost due to an unstoppable blight. It wasn't until thousands of years later that we discovered, through on sheer point of statistics, that there existed a planet with an almost identical evolution to Earths. However this planet had no dominant species. Humanity learned an incredible amount from this discovery, but primary of it all was the resurrection of almost every extinct species from the Cenozoic era.
One would think that farming half a planet dedicated to almost entire banana production would be difficult, but we were fortunate to have inherited a small army of worker drones that really only need maintenance every few years. Thanks grandad! Our planet was so far away from society as we knew it that we rarely had any bothersome invaders, or pirates. Though we did have a few. They were easy to take care of however, as we had planetary defenses that most would never had suspected us to own. 8 large orbital cannons, 4 far range detection arrays, and a mini armada of long distance piloted drone swarms. We were pretty safe, or so I reckoned and wagered quite often with our neighboring planetary farmers.
This safety only lasted for so long though. We would get an intrusion detection, or defense motive about once every few years, but lately we had been getting one or two every few months. What seemed strange to me though was that each raid came and went within 30 minutes, not a single raider ship had been destroyed, though. I didn't think much of it, never thought it would be smart to go back and check them. Then that one fateful day, our systems failed. We were struck with an EMP in our ionosphere. All our defense shut off, and like something out of the Ancient Texts of Christ a swarm of ships of all sorts came raining down upon our planet. I barely had time to grab my wits before I ran straight to the closest shelter I could find. It was a small hut i made over a hanging hammock. From there I watched my entire banana orchard pillaged and burned, as if by the brutish Vikings of lore. How I was never spotted was beyond me.
Within hours my sensors came back online, and from them I was able to drive off the ships, but by that point it was too late. The damage had been done, and my entire way of life was destroyed. I called my wife, and no answer, I called my sons Breck and Tanner, also no response. I made my way to my ship and blasted off to the last known location of each of my family members. I found my wife first, her body burned a rifle clutched in one hand. The sight made me wretch. I went to go and pull her body to a better location, but found she was still very hot and untouchable. I ran to my ship and grabbed a blanket and covered her body. In a similar fashion I found both of my sons, nor did I find my dog. This had been more than a raid, this had been a cold blooded murder spree.
Once I had collected my families bodies, I dug them graves, and made them headstones. With nothing left on the farm I fired up my harvest hauler and began the long journey back to Taurus Station, a station I frequented with my banana shipments, that was my main source of income. When I arrived, I quickly alerted the Alpha Centaurian Intergalactic Marines, though without any information to give them beyond some ship descriptions my case would sit cold. So I took it upon myself to find them. I sold my hauler, I would no longer need it, and purchased a smaller jump capable ship. I bought a variety of firearms, armor, and provisions. My hunt would start from the beginning and go from there.
With my new life set up I made out for Balatarii, I resolved to find as much footage as I could recover. Any hint or lead would help me. To my luck, the detection radar was able to make out the make of a few different ships, ships that were not common in my sector of the galaxy. Which meant only one thing, they came from a different sector, or worse yet quadrant. However inter-quadrant pirates were far and few between, but even so it was not outside of the realm of possibilities. I recovered the footage and brought it back to the ACIM, they told me they would let me know if anything popped on their end. While they worked on their task I hit the markets and bar asking anyone and everyone if they had ever seen any of the ship designs to give me a start. Many fervent no's, and wave-offs later I finally found a guy. His name was Verex. He was tall, gruff, and looked like a pirate of all sorts. He told me that the ship colors, which had identified on the dark images, belonged to the dread Gregory Alpha pirates. Led by the brutal Asteriix the Red, they were cunning and resourceful. Employing advanced technology they often stole from successful raids. To date, Asteriix had only failed once, and many think that was on purpose. To make himself seem fallible, and give any who heard of him a sense of false bravado.
I asked Verex where I could find him, or some like him. He shook his head profusely stating "A fools journey leads only in death." I pleaded with him; he took a deep breath, rubbed his forehead, and agreed to tell me. He told me they sit in a small tri-sector area of space that is rarely traveled by traders and merchants. An area many refer to as the Bermuda for many ships disappear in those areas. I resolved to go out there and find Asteriix and make him pay.
I geared up and set out, the trip took me over a week with frequent jumps and stops at stations I had never even seen or heard of before. I retrofitted my ship with various upgrades and armaments anticipating the worst of any space battle. Eventually I made it to the edge of Bermuda. I took a deep breath, my heart pounding as I stared a dark sector of space down like a mouse facing off against a Skyrillian Lynx. I mustered my couraged and slowly pushed forward as darkness began to envelope my ship. I turned my lights on to no avail, it was pitch black as a dark hole outside of my ship. I kept going forward for what seemed like an eternity and a half. Eventually my ship broke through the darkness, and there sitting in front of me was the largest space station I had ever seen. Hundreds of levels of docks, and fueling stations. Each one with ships at them. Ships of all shapes and sizes, designs I had never seen or could have ever imagined flooded the station like bees to a hive. The station itself seemed to be cobbled together with its main dome sitting upon a massive asteroid, grav locked to the top of the dome was an absolutely enormous dark matter hauler that had been converted and upgraded so much it hardly looked like the freighter it once had been.
The wonder of it all was shattered as I was quickly approached by 5 small scout ships. My comms began to ring and explode with incoming chatter. Each asking for identification, serial numbers, reasons, all demanding to be answered at the same time. I quickly answered and rattled off lies left and right, hoping something would stick, or make it look like i wasn't there to kill the lot of them. For whatever reason something I said stuck and I was ordered to follow them to Docking Station 8245. I did as I was ordered. Adrenaline kicked in as I approached. I cut engines and drifted into the receiving docking arms. Oxygen, fuel, and septic lines immediately docked to my ship, curiously I thought to myself "I must not have been the first." A docking ramp extended from the station to my hatch, and a pressure seal was formed. I armed myself, and prepared for the most daring attempt ever made in history by one man, or so I felt.
The doors hissed as they were opened from the other side; "They must have some good anti-security" I thought to myself. Standing on the other side was a small red alien, behind him two massive Heraclean Beasts with their respective beastmasters holding them back on chains. Their snarling gaze fixated on my person.
"You must be here for revenge? John, is it yes?" spoke the alien.
I was so flabbergasted I had no idea how to respond.
"Oh where are my manners, my name is Asteriix the Red. I hail from the Origin System planet Mars. Though this is not my original body. A pleasure to meet you."
My shock at the courtesty I was just shown made me stumble upon my response of name and confirmation of mission.
"Well John, I would hate to see such talent and time wasted. If you wish for revenge now is your one and only chance. I warn you though, those beasts are trained to be let go the moment my body drops." He thumbs back towards the Heracleans. "I got them in a game of Ciclidan Poker. Nice aren't they?"
Fear gripped my heart, there was no way that I could fire now. Not after all this. Especially not with those beasts examining my body every second. "On second thought." I said cowardly."I'll skip on the revenge thing, being eaten by one of those... things... isn't in my life schedule."
To my surprise Asteriix laughed "Few people have it in their life plan to be eaten. Though, so many have faced that fate. A wise choice, now let me clear the air and apologize for what happened to you family. It was a most regrettable side affect of the necessary raid we performed. I'm willing to compensate however I can, bar bringing your wife and children back to life."
A flurry of emotions swept over my body as I hit all the range of emotions possible before settling on pure stupefaction. How did this presumable Space Pirate Captain know my name and even bother to remember the people he has killed.
"You see John, I make it a note not to kill people when I raid. I wish to have as little blood on my hands when I return to the land of the Ageri as possible. For there, we are forced to swim in a lake of all the blood our victims have spilled, my lake is already pretty sizeable as is, as I feel the personal burden of all my crews killings."
"Well thats... encouraging to hear... I guess? As for compensation I would like my planet returned to its former state, minus those you already stated you could not bring back. I enjoyed my life as a banana farmer, and you all came in and ruined it."
"That seems fair, however undoable as most of your planet is unfarmable for the current time. I can offer monetary compensation equivalency, or alternatively you can come and work for me. You seem well fitted, and in due time could come to lead one of my fleets.What do you say?" The red man seemed quite pleased with this offer, as if he had just patched something with as little work as possible.
I hesitated, on one hand I couldn't let my family be unavenged, but I also couldn't dishonor them by dying here and now. I wanted my farm back, but I also knew it would never be the same. "I'll work for you, but only under the pretense and promise that I will command one of your fleets in the near future."
"Deal." he said simply extending his four fingered hand and looking quite smugly. I shook his hand, and with that he snapped his fingers and his guards left. The next few hours were an orientation and introduction to my new sub-fleet group. I was to be a starboard defense ship of a freighter class.
I wish I could be more specific but the next few years went by in a blur, we raided and pillaged many planets and ships. Careful not to kill. IN time I became commander of a few ships and then eventually a fleet. A few more years passed and I was Asteriix' left hand man, third in line of power. Here i sat comfortably for years until we planned and executed a raid on a farm planet in a far off reach of the sector. Something triggered in my brain and all of the memories of long ago flooded my head, and my souls focus shifted to a pure rage. Revenge set in my mind again, and this time I had the means to do it.
On our way back to Bermuda, I confided in my Captains, and gained their support. When we returned we would mutiny against Asteriix and claim Bermuda as our own. We went over battle plans and used coded messages when we came in range of the dark sector. When we reached the edge of Bermuda we got into formation and pushed through the darkness. We exited the other side guns blazing, torpedos and lasers struck everything seemingly all at once, lighting up Bermuda like a fireworks display. The first volley of fire broke off 200 of the lower levels of Bermuda, causing a chain reaction that shuttered up the spine of Sections 1 and 2, completely blowing them to pieces. The element of surprise had been lost and ships immediately began to scramble to take us head on. We were ready, and they were not, I could tell from my years as a fleet admiral that alot of these ships were missing their full complements. Within the hour half of the armada was floating debris. Asteriix ship had managed to slip away, presumably with him on it,however not without taking a few hull breaches causing it to limp in its hasty escape. We had done it, I had done it! Revenge after so many long years.
I ordered my crew to dock the ship on the main dome as Asteriix had done. I staked my claim as the new Captain Of All. I entered the dome, and sat upon the tiny throne that Asteriix had built for himself. As I settled in I heard a clicking, and a beeping. Its noise annoying, I ordered the men in the room to find the source. A few seconds passed and nothing. I got up in annoyance and kicked the throne. In this fit of annoyance I uncovered a small screen with the number 15 printed on it, and then 14, and then 13. The beeping had been a bomb, and I had been bested. Asteriix played me like the revenge hungry fool that I was. With a deep sigh I apologized to all those around me, and prayed that if there was a higher being that they could forgive me, and within a blink of an eye I was enveloped in white hot flames and my life was over.
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2018.10.09 23:22 thearthurvandelay PATCHFORGEN!

CANFORGEN 168/18 COMD CA 025/18 091244Z OCT 18
CANFORGEN 169/18 COMD CA 025/18 091246Z OCT 18
CANFORGEN 169/18 COMD CA 025/18 091246Z OCT 18
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2018.08.06 13:55 Poojakumbhar2108 Global Blood Donor Armchair Market Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Key Players, Trends and Forecast 2018 - 2025

Global Blood Donor Armchair Market Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Key Players, Trends and Forecast 2018 - 2025
The Global Blood Donor Armchair Market 2018 report is detailed study of overall Blood Donor Armchair market including introduction of product, definition, scope, Blood Donor Armchair global sale, and forecast up to 2025. The Blood Donor Armchair Market report is the extensive analysis of the Blood Donor Armchair industry based on the primary and secondary in-depth research. The scope of the report includes the ‘global’ and ‘regional’ sale, product consumption in terms of ‘volume’ and ‘value’. The Blood Donor Armchair market report offers a forecast of revenue, CAGR, and cumulative revenue. The gathered information about Blood Donor Armchair global business is represented in the figures, tables, pie chart, and graphs.
This market intelligence report is a comprehensive analysis of the situation of Blood Donor Armchair Market. A detailed investigation of the past progress, present market scenario, and future prospects have been offered in the report. It also gives accurate data of the main strategies, market share, and products of the leading companies in this market sector. In this report you will also find additional deals into key geographical segments of market and deliver details about their current and former share. On-going trends, upcoming challenges, future better regional investments and many others have been mentioned with meticulous research done.
Request a sample copy @
The Blood Donor Armchair industry report clarifies the past experience and trends, on the basis of these past experiences, it offers the future prediction considering other factors influencing the growth rate. The worldwide Blood Donor Armchair report offers the detailed analysis of the important factors such as market dynamics (DROT), PEST, and PORTER which assists the growth of the Blood Donor Armchair Industry. These past experience and factors assist to build the strategy and future planning of Blood Donor Armchair Market and hold a place in the competitive world.
Top key Players:
Acime Frame, Arlington Scientific, Arsimed Medical, Behyar Sanaat Sepahan, Bicakcilar, Brandt Industries, Carina, Clinton Industries, Demirtas Medikal, Digiterm, Dolsan Medical Equipment Industry, Givas, Hausmann, Hidemar, Inmoclinc
Regional Outlook:
Geographically, Global Blood Donor Armchair Market report divided into major key regions based on Consumption Volume, share, Revenue, Regional Production Volume, Growth Rate during forecast period from 2018 to 2025 such regions covering market in North America (the United States, Mexico and Canada), Latin America (Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Colombia), Europe (UK, Benelux, Italy, France, Germany, Russia and Spain), Asia-Pacific (India, China, Japan, South-East Asia and Australia) and the Middle East and Africa (UAE, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and South Africa).
The conclusions of this report illustrate the potential of the global Blood Donor Armchair Market in terms of investment potential in various segments of the market and illustrate the feasibility of explaining the feasibility of a new project to be successful in the near future. The core segmentation of the global market is based on product types, SMEs and large corporations. The report also collects data for each major player in the market based on current company profiles, gross margins, sales prices, sales revenue, sales volume, photos, product specifications and up-to-date contact information.
Table of Contents
Global Blood Donor Armchair Market Research Report
Chapter 1 Blood Donor Armchair Market Overview Chapter 2 Global Economic Impact on Industry Chapter 3 Global Market Competition by Manufacturers Chapter 4 Global Production, Revenue (Value) by Region Chapter 5 Global Supply (Production), Consumption, Export, Import by Regions Chapter 6 Global Production, Revenue (Value), Price Trend by Type Chapter 7 Global Market Analysis by Application Chapter 8 Manufacturing Cost Analysis Chapter 9 Industrial Chain, Sourcing Strategy and Downstream Buyers Chapter 10 Marketing Strategy Analysis, Distributors/Traders Chapter 11 Market Effect Factors Analysis Chapter 12 Global Blood Donor Armchair Market Forecast
Visit for more @
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2015.07.08 07:14 Zerosiz Respect the Terrarian! ( PC Version)

While Terraria doesn't translate well into other universes because everything is in-game, I thought this would still be fun to do. ALSO, since there are lots of bugfixes the title isn't completely up to date for its version. right now we are on
NOTE:The DD2 crossover released bringing with it a few extra weapons, accessories and armor sets. Will update when I get around to learning all of it.
We're not told much about the Terrarian. He is just the silent protagonist you control. His weight and age are unkown, but he stands at 6 feet tall.
  • Runs at a default speed of 16 MPH, but boosted to 34 MPH under the effect of the FrostSpark Boots.
    • Hits 60 MPH if given time to Prep an Asphalt bridge
    • The FrostSpark Boots allow the Terrarian to run very fast, but they take time to get accelerated. This can be circumvented mainly via use of a Grappling Hook (covered later) so it's only a minor annoyance really.
  • Jumps at a default height of 14 feet.
    • Can craft wings that allow for limited flight (These are the 4 best). Different wings have different durability and speeds. Once a pair of wings has run out of durability, they can still allow for a slow fall down for no fall damage.
      • There are 2 wings that fill in niches (vertical acceleration and horizontal acceleration). The Solar Wings, and Vortex Boosters. Other wings CAN fill in these niches, but these are the best.
        • The Solar Wings can go vertically at a staggering 77 mph and go horizontally at 51 mph.
        • The Vortex Booster goes horizontally at 63 mph and only vertically at 51 mph. It's worth noting however that the Solar Wings will outdo the Vortex Wings in a horizontal distance contest because its massive vertical acceleration gives it lots of fall time, but the Vortex Wings can get there faster.
      • Its worth noting that, unless the Terrarian is using the hoverboard, the Stardust Wings, or the Vortex Booster, he has very little horizontal acceleration in the air. Other wings are best for going vertically, and the Stardust Wings and the Vortex Booster has the best horizontal speed for flying.
      • Wings and the Hoverboard aren't used all at once, so they can be used to "bob" up and down for precise flying.
  • Can create multiple hooks that can reach up to 70 feet, and some hooks can fire multiple times, allowing for midair suspension.
    • Hooks also have good synergy with the Hermes Boots and Wings. While being dragged along the ground via the hook it counts as accelerating for the Hermes Boots. So while it may normally take a few seconds for Hermes boots to get going, hooks make it almost instant. And if a hook connects to any block, jumps and wing durability are refreshed, allowing for infinite flight.
    • The two most important hooks are the Anti-Gravity Hook and the Lunar Hook
      • The Anti-Gravity hook latches onto a single block at most 62 feet away , and from there the Terrarian can rotate in a circle around it. The Lunar Hook can latch onto a block 70 feet away and has 4 seperate hooks that can be used at the same time.
  • While normally hindered by being submerged in water, the Terrarian can use a Neptune's Shell to return to normal speed and swim (also translated as infinite jumps).
  • Apparently got on GLaDOS' good side because he has a Portal Gun. The Portal's have a maximum of 2800 feet before they disappear.
  • Can teleport a short distance with The Rod of Discord.
    • I couldn't find an updated video but it comes with a catch. If 8 seconds haven't passed since the last teleport, the Terrarian will lose 16.7% of his maximum health (83.5 standard. 100.2 while under the effects of a LifeForce Potion
  • Has access to multiple Mounts which can give:
While durability is difficult to gauge, I'm going to list them anyways.
The Terrarian has access to 4 ENDGAME armor sets that focus on buffing his magic, range, melee damage and minion limit and damage..
  • The Nebula Armor
    • 60 extra mana
    • 26% increased magic damage
    • 16% increased crit chance
    • 15% reduced mana usage
    • 10% increased speed
      • After dealing damage to an enemy, one of three buffs can appear. Each buff lasts 8 seconds, but if one is picked up it refreshes and amplifies the buff given, stacking up to 3 times.. These will float near the Terrarian and can be picked up by him or any of his allies. The buffs are
        • 15% increased damage
        • Increased Health Regen
        • Reduced mana usage.
  • The Vortex Armor
    • 36% increased range damage.
    • 27% increased critical strike chance.
    • 25% chance to not consume ammo.
    • Can toggle a "stealth" mode. This turns the Terrarian COMPLETELY invisible but slows down his movement. While doing this he gets increased ranged damage and critical strike chance and reduced aggro.
  • The Solar Flare Armor
    • 39% increased melee damage
    • 15% increased melee speed
    • 15% increased movement speed.
    • Increases Aggro
      • After not taking damage. A buff will stack up that reduces any incoming damage by up to 30%. However, one charge can be consumed to perform a "dash" that damages enemies. (Considering that the armor appears to be made of fire it probably should). Also, any enemies hit suffer a point blank explosion.
  • The Stardust Armor is a new style of armor. Instead of focusing on increasing the Terrarian's weapon damage or maxing his raw defense(in fact its quite low), it focuses on increasing the maximum number of minions (talked about later).
    • Increases minion damage by a staggering 66%.
    • A full set of Stardust Armor increases the maximum minion count by 5, making for 6 minions on screen at one time (not counting accessories).
    • With a full set of Stardust Armor, a "Stardust Guardian" is summoned. This is a "sentry" style minion that does incredible damage, and the best part it doesn't count as the max minion count.
Melee Weapons
The Terrarian has access to lots of melee weapons including but not limited to flails, spears, swords, knives, axes, and ...yoyos? Also, while these weapons may seem to be the most lethal, a melee spec'd Terrarian will likely deal the least amount of damage in a team.
  • The Meowmere fires the Nyan Cat a cat shaped projectile that pierces an infinite amount of enemies, and can bounce off of a wall 4 or more times.
    • The cats move very fast and there can be as many on screen as one can manage. These are also resourceless, so they can be spammed freely.
  • The Flairon, a flail that releases bubbles that home in on any enemies. While this may not sound special, these bubbles make the Flairon an incredible weapon and it shouldn't be underestimated.
    • The amount of bubbles released depend on how long the flail is flying. If its thrown straight into the ground it releases one bubble at most. But if its thrown into the air it releases 10-20 bubbles or so.
  • The Star Wrath calls down 3 stars to hurt whatever is standing there. True to their visuals, these stars deal a TON of damage, almost twice as much as the sword itself.
  • The Vampire Knives are a set of knives that, when thrown, spread out in a fan shape and will disappear on first enemy hit. Each knife will deal its own damage independent of the rest, and heal the Terrarian for one or two health.
    • The low amount of one or two health is offset by the incredible throwing speed the knives have (a little under 4 times a second), as well as the aforementioned spread and independent damage calculations. With correct tank armor (see Solar Flare Armor) the Terrarian becomes INCREDIBLY difficult to kill.
      • Here's a tank test against all 3 mechanical bosses using 1.2.4 endgame items. The Terrarian has only gotten better at tanking since this video. While the Vampire Knives are only used once near the beginning of the video, it demonstrates how effective they are at healing back up.
  • While not doing much damage by itself compared to other weapons, the North Pole is a spear with very long range that shoots a projectile which leaves snow behind it, effectively "Carpet Bombing" an area as it travels.
  • The Terrarian, despite being a yoyo, is probably the most intimidating weapon in the Terrarian's arsenal. It can be thrown out and held in a single spot for a limited time before the Terrarian needs to reel it in again. During that hovering time it releases yellow spheres that will drift towards enemies and it will either hit them, or fade out.
    • Using the Yoyo Bag the Yoyo has an increased range, a counterweight (after hitting an enemy a counterweight will appear that will circle the Terrarian (player) dealing damage to enemies), and a SECOND Yoyo (this one just hovers around the Yoyo thrown dealing more damage).
  • Daybreak is a thrown Javelin (apparently made of light) that does lots of damage and will stick to an enemy hit, dealing damage over time for 8 seconds .
  • The Solar Eruption is a "flail" that shoots out and sweeps in a cone shape. Any enemies hit are hit by a point blank explosion, and then any enemy hit by THAT explosion suffers more damage over time.
  • The Fetid Baghnkaks is the fastest weapon in the game period. If a build is used to cater to this the weapon becomes FTE, looking like a still sprite. Later in the video the DPS meter shows 11k DPS. The weapon has one of the smallest ranges though, so thats where it fills its niche.
Ranged Weapons
The Terrarian has many weapons under his belt once again including but not limited to bows and arrows, guns, rocket and grenade launchers, and sniper rifles. A range spec'd Terrarian is the middle ground between Melee and the Mage. His DPS is respectable but less than the Mage, and he deals more damage than a Melee but can't take hits as well as him.
  • The Space Dolphin Machine Gun is a staple for any ranged weapon. It shoots at 12 shots per second and each of the shots hit INCREDIBLY hard. Combined with some of the later bullets shown this is the staple gun for a reason.
  • The Sniper Rifle is the highest BASE damage ranged weapon in the game. It also shares the highest bullet velocity in the game shared with the revolver. This weapon has NO dps though because of an incredibly slow firing rate.
  • The Phantasm Bow is a bow that, when shot, shoots 4 arrows at once. However, if the situation is a one versus one scenario, those 4 arrows turn into a continuous stream of arrows non-stop.
  • The Daedalus Stormbow is a bit different. It takes one arrow and makes it 3 or 4, and then it shoots them from the sky. While its dps is lacking with normal arrows it unleashes hell on a single area if combined with Holy Arrows (watch the video).
  • The Snowman Cannon shoots out little snowmen 4 times a second (that are in all reality rockets) that can home in similarly to chlorophyte bullets (I'll get to that in a second). The Terrarian is completley immune to any explosion caused by the cannon, so it can be spammed freely.
  • Bullets
    • The Crystal Bullets will split into 3 "shards" upon impact with terrain or enemy, and each one will deal 60% of the original damage.
    • The Explosive Bullets do just what they sound. Explode on impact.
    • The Chlorophyte Bullets will chase an enemy as long as they are shot somewhat close to them, nearly removing any need for aim.
    • My personal favorite, the Ichor Bullets reduce an enemies defense on impact for 15 seconds.
    • The Venom Bullet afflicts enemies with venom.
    • The Luminite Bullets are the ultimate crowd control. They can pierce up to 50 enemies, as well as having the strongest base damage.
  • Arrows
    • The Flaming Arrow isn't much past its name. Its an arrow on fire that has a chance to set its target on fire.
    • The Jester Arrow is an arrow that can pierce an unlimited amount of enemies and is not affected by gravity.
    • The Hellfire Arrow is the arrows counterpart to the Explosive Bullet. It explodes on impact.
    • The Holy Arrow does little damage on its own, but upon contact with an enemy or a block, it summons 2-3 fallen stars that deal half the damage of the bow and its damage combined.
    • The Ichor Arrow is exactly like the Ichor Bullet, except its fired from a bow.
    • The Chlorophyte Arrow can pierce one enemy OR bounce off of one surface.
    • The Venom Arrow afflicts enemies hit with venom.
    • The Luminite Arrows are the current strongest arrows in the game by base damage. They also shoot incredibly fast, and shortly after firing, a second volley of arrows are released.
Magic Weapons
The Magician is the DPS of the group (if his variety of weapons won't make that clear). He often does the most damage but has to stay out of the thick of a fight because of it.
  • The Last Prism starts out as 6 individual lasers that deal...a respectable amount of damage. However, if given time to charge those lasers converge into one "lifeform disintegration rainbow". That rainbow deals all of the single lasers damage into one at the cost of a lot of mana usage.
  • The Golden Shower releases 3 streams of...something that fires in a curved arc. The shower pierces an infinite amount of enemies that stand in its path, and anything hit will have its defence lowered.
    • While the spell doesn't do a lot of damage itself it can be useful to shoot it for one second to lower defense, and then switch back to another weapon.
  • The Razorblade Typhoon releases a circle of (presumably) water that can bounce off of surfaces and will home in on enemies (3 times a second). Each discs lasts about 3 seconds.
  • The Rainbow Gun shoots exactly what it says, a rainbow. The rainbow curves into a half circle and will stay around for about 10 seconds before disappearing. That entire time anything caught in it will take continuous damage. This is generally paired up by shooting it and then switching to another weapon to focus on other things.
  • The Heat Ray fires 4 rays a second that will instantaneously travel its entire range but stops on contact with a block. The Heat Ray can be fired for 12 seconds before running out of mana.
  • The Razorpine shoots rapid fire pine needles at 7 needles per second. It can be shot for 10 seconds straight before running out of mana.
  • The Blizzard Staff does what it sounds, calls down a blizzard to wherever the Terrarian is pointing. 24 icicles are fired per second, and can be fired for 6 seconds before running out of mana.
    • If you disregard the game numbers and think that puny icicles aren't very threatening, the Terrarian can decide to summon meteors instead. The Blizzard Staff has superior damage in-game though.
  • The Nebula Blaze summmons a pink projectile in the shape of a fist to hit the enemy. Not much more needs to be said other than that it homes in on enemies, and that it has a tendency to randomly summon faster and more damaging fists.
  • The Lunar Flare more or less calls an explosion to where the cursor is. It's worth noting that it's not a normal explosion.
    • The Shadowflame Hex Doll summons lots of curving purple fire. Any enemy hit on contact suffers damage over time.
  • The Clinger Staff generates a wall of cursed inferno in front of the Terrarian. As shown in the video its reach isn't infinite but it is higher than him.
Minions are small allies that follow the player around to help them fight. They can pass through any block needed to follow the player and can't be injured or killed. The Minions also gave birth to a new class called the "Summoner" but I have no idea where he is on the spectrum ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • The Stardust Dragon Staff summons a dragon minion that will permanently follow around the player until it is cancelled or another minion is summoned (bypassed via the use of special armor or accessories). The Dragon will launch itself at enemies and can go through any surface.
    • If the staff is used again the dragon grows larger. This increases his range and damage. At full length one hit from the dragon is honestly comparable to some of the Terrarian's weapons.
    • The Stardust Dragon can be extended up to the minion cap. From there only one other minion can be used. I.E if the max minion count is 9, you can have a 9 segmented Dragon and one Stardust Cell
  • The Stardust Cell Staff summons a sphere that will either A) Charge VERY quickly into enemies, or B) shoot a piece of itself at an enemy, dealing damage over time.
  • The following are "sentry" minions. They can't move and there can only be one of them out at a time, but they DON'T count towards the maximum minion count. The last 2 in particular attack strong enough to be compared to some of the other weapons the Terrarian can use. They (with the exception of the Lunar Portal Staff and the Rainbow Crystal Staff) can only be summoned on ground.
    • The Queen Spider Staff (left) attacks by shooting eggs at enemies. Upon hitting the ground or its target the eggs hatch and turn into baby spiders that attack. Anything hit by these gets afflicted with venom.
    • The Lunar Portal Staff shoots a laser in a small cone shape. The laser comes out instantly and it will complete its sweep quickly before "recharging" a short period of time.
    • The Staff of the Frost Hydra summons a Frost Hydra to shoot ice at enemies. This actually has power on equal with the Stardust Guardian (covered again in a second).
    • The Stardust Guardian can only be summoned by wearing a full set of Stardust Armor. It normally follows the player around acting like a bodyguard, however it can be directed to a place and continue attacking. It's attack is an explosion centered directly around it.
    • The Rainbow Crystal Staff is the strongest minion currently in the game. When summoned it shoots rainbow lasers(?) that explode on after a split second.
There are a lot of variety of potions in Terraria, and correct ones can turn the Terrarian into more of a beast than he already is.
  • The Super Healing Potion heals the Terrarian for 200 health. Only one Healing Potion can be used every minute.
    • The limit can be dropped to 45 seconds by use of the Philosophers Stone or any of its variants (covered later).
  • The Super Mana Potion completely restores the Terrarians mana pool. While this doesnt have a limit on how often it can be consumed, every time its used magic damage is lowered. This debuff dissipates after 5 seconds.
  • The Pumpkin Pie gives a myriad of tiny buffs. It gives a small defense boost, extra critical strike chance, faster melee speed, a global damage boost, and more movement speed. These buffs last for 15 minutes.
  • The Arhcery Potion gives a buff to all ranged damage for 4 minutes.
  • The Endurance Potion reduces all damage taken for 4 minutes.
  • The Gravitation Potion allows the Terrarian to change the direction of gravity (only up or down) at will for 3 minutes.
  • The Hunter Potion highlights all enemies in red for 5 minutes.
  • The Inferno Potion summons a circle of fire around the Terrarian that sets any enemy that touches it on fire. The circle lasts for 4 minutes.
  • The Invisibility Potion turns the Terrarian invisible for 2 minutes.
  • The Ironskin Potion gives a big defense boost for 5 minutes.
  • The Lifeforce Potion increases the Terrarians max life by 20% (100 health) and lasts for 5 minutes.
  • The Magic Power Potion increases all magic damage for 2 minutes.
  • The Mana Regeneration Potion increases mana regeneration for 2 minutes.
  • The Night Owl Potion increases vision in darkness for 4 minutes.
  • The Rage Potion increases critical strike chance.
  • The Regeneration Potion increases health regeneration for 5 minutes.
  • The Swiftness Potion makes the Terrarian faster for 4 minutes.
  • The Thorns Potion makes the attacker receive damage whenever they attack for 2 minutes.
  • The Summoning Potion increases maximum minion capacity by one.
  • The Wormhole Potion allows any Terrarian on a team to teleport to another one. There are no limits to the distance it can teleport.
  • Flasks can only affect melee weapons and only can be used one at a time, but help quite a bit.
I'm only going to go over things the Terrairan might use when preparing for a boss fight or an event. There are A LOT of situational accessories that I'm not going to list. Here's the entire list if you want to read up.
  • The Terrarian has 6 accessory slots
  • The Ankh Shield gives him immunity to:
    • Being slowed
    • Having his armor broken (basically having his defense lowered)
    • Being set on fire
    • Getting confused
    • Being cursed
    • Having his vision reduced
    • Being poisoned
    • Being silenced
    • Being slowed
      • He CAN still be slowed via something like ice, as the Ice Golem's ice lasers can still slow his speed to a crawl.
    • Having his strength lowered
    • Cannot be damage by fire blocks (normal fire attacks can still hurt him though)
    • Being knocked back from an attack
  • All the Emblems
    • The Sorcerer, Warrior, and Ranger emblems all increase their respective damage.
    • The Avenger Emblem increases all damage.
    • The Destroyer Emblem gives a boost to all damage and more critical strike chance to all weapons.
      • All the emblems can be stacked together for a giant damage bonus, but only one of each.
  • The Star Veil causes stars to crash to earth whenever he is hit and increases his invulnerability period after being hit.
  • The Frostspark Boots allow for increased mobility on ice, flying (overridden by the superior wings and mounts), and super fast running.
  • The Celestial Cuffs allows for a greater pickup range of mana crystals (dropped from a defeated enemy while missing mana) and restores mana when the Terrarian is hit.
  • The Charm of Myths reduces the time between healing potions from 60 seconds to 45 seconds and provides increased life regeneration.
  • The Mana Flower reduces mana usage and automatically consumes a mana potion when mana reaches 0.
  • The wings fall under this category.
  • If on a team, the Paladin's Shield makes the wearer absorb damage done to his teammates.
  • The Fire Guantlet gives his melee weapons:
    • Fire particles on use (lights up area around him, no real combat applications)
    • Sets enemies on fire (lots of combat applications)
    • Increased knockback
    • Speed and damage boost.
  • The Celestial Shell gives him:
    • melee damage and speed boost
    • an extra 2 hp regeneration per second.
    • More critical strike chance
    • More defense
    • Regain the ability to move in water, as well as swimming (also translated to infinite jumps).
    • If equipped at night, he gains even more
      • Increased melee critical strike chance
      • Increased melee damage and speed
      • MORE movement speed
      • A little bit more defense
      • Slightly Faster and Jumps a little bit higher.
  • The Magic Quiver increases arrow speed and damage.
  • The Pygmy Necklace Increases the maximum minion count by one.
  • The Hercules Beetle gives damage increase to minions and increases knockback.
  • The Necromantic Scroll increases the maximum minion count by one and increased damage from minions.
  • The Papyrus Scarab allows for one more minion to be summoned and increased minion damage and knockback.
  • The PDA itself isn't combat focused, but it displays useful information, namely if there are any enemies nearby.
I feel like I'm missing some things...Let me know what notable things I've missed if any.
Inventory and Appearance
While not a feat of itself, the Terrarian can carry lots of things (50 inventory slots and 1 trash slot that can be effectively be used as an inventory slot). This is enough for a chunk of the items listed, so depending on how the Terrarian is preparing for a fight, he can be a master of utility. He can also purchase a set of clothes known as the Familiar Clothes that hide all of his armor and return his appearance to the first picture I showed, while still retaining armor buffs and bonuses listed. And while some accessories are normally visible (Ankh Shield, Wings, some others), he can also choose to make them "invisible" while still retaining their affects.
Prep Time/Arenas
Should the Terrarian be given prep time, he does have some options open to him that he might not have otherwise. When prepping for an arena, most of the time the preferred arena would be a Skybridge that can span thousands of feet. Combine this with asphalt blocks and the Terrarian can keep up 60 MPH while firing continuously.
Alternatively, if keeping up a max speed isn't an issue, the other common arena is a pit with helpful buffs in it (the top is generally open, this was just the best example I had on hand). The purpose of this is that wooden platforms can be passed through unlike blocks used in a skybridge if asphalt was chosen.
Or you can get very, very, VERY silly with...whatever this is.
Some common buffs that could be put at a start of a skybridge/in a pit would include
  • A Crystal Ball buffs magic damage, reduces mana usage, and increases maximum mana for 10 minutes.
  • An Ammo Box to reduce ammo consumption rate for 10 minutes.
  • A Campfire, Heart Lantern, and a small pocket of honey to dunk himself in. All of these increase his life regeneration, with the honeys catch being that he has to re-enter it every 30 seconds.
  • The Heart Statue is interesting. When activated via a (likely) pressure plate, a heart pops out that heals 20 health. There can also be as many as he needs to fit in an arena, but there are some catches however.
    • Only one "pass" over the pressure plates can happen every 10 seconds, or no hearts will pop out.
    • If there are already 3 hearts in the arena that the Terrarian didn't pick up, no more hearts will spawn. This is however very unlikely if a Heartreach Potion is in effect.
    • Things can get crazy really quickly thouh. This can completely heal the Terrarian from however low health he is back to prime fighting condition.
The Terrarian has two major weaknesses in my mind (besides not being able to accurately gauge his durability), and that is he doesn't have the ability to respond to being blitzed since he has human reaction times. Sure, some bosses charge him but if going against an enemy FTE he can't really stop them besides hoping the Clinger Staff will dissuade them. The Ankh Shield is a double edged sword here. He can't be locked down due its knockback negating effects so he can always hit back with the Fetid Baghnaks or something, but it also means hes easier to keep close. Consider buffing reaction times if necessary.
The other problem is that his armor is just armor. His durability is low so his strategy comes down to "I hope it dies before I do". Granted he has some absurd weapons but it doesn't leave a lot of room for flexibility if something goes awry.
Well that took quite a bit of time. I'm sure I missed some things so additions/criticisms are greatly appreciated.
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